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Update On Results

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Well as it turns out the Dr called yesterday at 3:00 just as my parents were getting ready to leave. The results are not in and they do not know when to expect them. The re-scheduled his appt to next Tues at 5:00pm. We are (somewhat) relieved, however the wait seems so long. His surgery was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. The dr did not offer to call during the interm so its got my Father convinced that he suspects (or knows) something and is waiting on the path first.
Thanks to everyone for their prayers and good wishes. Please keep them coming. This has been such a difficult time.

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Hi Paula,

First I'm still sending good vibes that everything is ok. I'm suprised that they don't have any results yet. I was told about 3 days after my operation that I had cancer. I'm stage 3 since my tumor was into the wall. Maybe that is a good sign for your father. Do you think that your GP might have a copy sent to them? HUGS to you and your family.

Lisa F.

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Thanks for the reply, Lisa. I should have explained a little more--my Father has already been diagnosed with colon cancer. He has had the re-section 2 weeks ago and we are waiting for path report to stage the cancer. We have already called the GP and found out that the results will not be released to him until the surgeon gives my Father the results.
Thanks for the good vibes ;)

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Paula, I so hate the waiting game. We all do. Sending good thoughts and prayers. Three weeks is a long time to wait for results. I suggest another phone call at the end of the week. It can't hurt to try. God Bless.


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The waiting game..... I've been through it many times and continue to go through it. Hang in there!

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