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Hi from Buenos Aires

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Hi Gang - Just a reminder dx Dec. 05, Stage IV, mets to liver and lungs. Doctors told me my chemo options were becoming limited and I decided to take a chance on a doctor here in Bs As. I have family here so the decision was not that hard to make. What we are doing here is called receptive therapy (or in Italian Terapia Recetoriali). It is nuclear medicine and widely used in Europe but not in Canada or the States. The beauty of the treatment is no side effects. The other part is that it works according to everyone´s own genetic makeup. Anyways, I am a couple of weeks away from the first set of scans but I will keep you posted as soon as I hear something. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Monica

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This treatment you are receiving sounds very promising. I'd like to hear more about it. Good luck and God bless.


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Please keep us posted....!! I would not mind at all going to Argentina to practice mi espanol...
Cuidate !

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Right back at you, dearheart...please keep us posted!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Monica,I am very happy to see that you are being pro-active and continue looking for the best options,it sounds very interesting and all of us here will be thinking of you and praying for good results.God bless you

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Monica, best of luck to you and many prayers. Thanks for sharing the information. God Bless


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HI, How interesting!!! I cannot find anything on Receptive Therapy. Can you direct me to any websites? Stepson (33) stage IV. Mets to lungs confirmed Nov. 06. Go back to Duke Tues to start on new treatment. Mets 4 MM now - 2 removed to confirm. (very tiny). 1st Onc. gave us no hope, 3 years, now Duke is planning on taking action - just don't know what that is yet. The genetic matching up of the chemo though is very interesting. Would appreciate any info!!!


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