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advice/comments please

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went to the surgeon today...it's not as "simple" as I thought..The 2 tumors are in the psoas muscle..anyone have had it there ? One is almost an inch the other one 1/2 inch..he said that there are in the back of the stomach...very difficult to find, they can be between fats and the may not be visible at all...one of the alternatives is to pull as many lymph nodes as possible...he may get lucky he may not...he said that on e of the risks are nerve damage,swollen leg ( for the rest of your life)atc. The surgery will past the belly bottom. I already made an appt. with another surgeon for a 2nd opinion....but I was wondering if anyone out there had a recurrance on the psoas muscle. He did mentioned that it's not that common ...Should I also get another oncologist opinion ? He had me on 5fu/CPT11/Avastin for 6 months..should I try another combo before surgery? Its a very risky operation...they may not even find them...any other suggestions ?
Thanks !

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I think it is wonderful that you are seeking a second opinion. Perhaps, the next surgeon will have some alternative solutions. I vote for as many different voices as possible to give their take on your situation. Please keep us posted and you will remain in my thoughts and prayers.



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I agree with Kay....I actually had 5 second opinions before I was satisfied....

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi. Sorry, I can't give you any infor on this, but I think you are really wise to get a second surgical opinion. It would seem like there would be some type of ct guided surgery or something like that to possibly to locate them . As for getting another oncologist opinion, I'd go for it too if need be, but have you spoken to your current one about the possibility of changing the combo and what their thoughts might be about it? Right now you are a bit caught between a rock and a hard place. I'd seek out as many opinions as you deem wise. With the technology out there, there should be someone who doesn't have to guess at where they are located. Keep us posted. Will be praying for a positive outcome for you and an easier decision.

God Bless

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Definitely get the second opinions from both doctors. One doctor may have a totally different opinion than the other doctor. I went through it with my father. You continue to be in my prayers. Please let us know what you decide to do.

God bless,


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Hi: my husband (stage 4 mets to liver/lungs) was on your regimin (5fu/irinotecan/avastin) for 6 months with only a "variable" response (some grew and some stayed the same)...hse changed to xeloda and oxaliplatin and got awesome results (close to 50% shrinkage) so perhpas you can ask during your second opinion appointment what the onc's thougts are on this..me personally would not suggest a "risky" operation without exhausting al other possibilites (unless of course the onc/surgeon was talking the "cure" word.
You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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I agree with everyone, seek a second opinion, there are so many people here that after changing the chemo regime to a different one have had excellet results, I hope that this will happen to you too. Sending you positive thoughts.

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My husband has a met in the upper pelvis "at the anterolateral margin of the psoas muscle." He began chemo in November with 3 pelvic mets, and this is the only one that is left.

I sent his records to the University of Cincinnati to see if he would be a candidate for the cytoreductive surgery w/HIPEC and they said he would not. But the tumor board is recommending surgery w/brachytherapy. We are setting up an appointment to discuss this further.

When my husband had his pre-sacral recurrence we were told that it is very hard to find these things once they get in there. The surgeon was really surprised that in that case he went back towards the area "and it was just laying there."

Locally, we have been told that surgery is not an option because:
1) two previous surgeries and 7 weeks of radiation treatments (scar tissue).
2) It would just come back somewhere else.
3) There were 3 mets -2 fairly close to one another and the other further away(peri-rectal).

We were also told by his radiation Dr. that there is nothing in that field to offer as he was afraid that "it would do more harm than good."

As we have not had a consult with Cincinnati, we do not know of the risks involved, but I would guess they are very similar as to those with his pre-sacral recurrence (which turned out great).


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I've never heard of colon cancer spreading to the Psoas muscle but it's all in the same area. I agree with everyone about getting a second opinion. It's going to be hard getting through the next month of so figuring all this out. The waiting game. Good luck.


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My wife too has had a colon cancer come back in the psoas. We are having meeting with oncologist to find out what can be done. We have had to push for this meeting, things are a little differnet here in England! Unfortunately this recurrence is complicated by the presence of a brain met which has been removed but again has recurred as a cystic met. We are hoping for at least a treatment plan, that would be a nice start. We would prefare complete removal of the psoas tumor, its 3cm X 3cm and appears to be accessible. With this gone, we can then concentrate on treatment of the brain met via GK or Linac. So far the psoas tumour appears to be radio resistant which will probably leave chemo as a first option for now (or maybe stronger radio dose). Not many have tumours come back in the psoas and there isn't much information out there to help people like us. Be strong, be relentless in the desire to eliminate your tumours, try other therapies and try and understand as much as you can and stay focused.
Best wishes Keith

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