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Well as some of you may recall my Father had his colon re-section May 17th. He was released from the hospital May 24th. The Doctor told him that he would see him this afternoon to remove the staples. He was told last Thursday that he doesn't like to give bad news over the phone and if the report came back and it was good he would call. If it was not he'd give him the results face to face today. We are all on pins and needles. His appt is at 3:50 this afternoon and I know that the general feeling is that the results are not good. I am trying to remain hopeful. I know that the tumor measured 2cms which I was told was relatively small and that the CT scan was clear so I am praying that the Dr just forgot or that the results are not back yet. It has only been 6 business days. I guess like it or not we have to wait. It seems to be the most difficult part of all of this. Prayers continue for everyone battling this terrible disease.

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Waiting is tough. It almost seem to be our nature to worry of the future instead of celebrating the now. It sucks not knowing what the doctor will say. Try to stay positive. Your family is im my thoughts and prayers.

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Sending good vibes that the doc just forgot. I still don't believe they understand what we go through when we have to wait all the time for results. HUGS and please tell us how it goes. We are here for you and your father whatever the results.

Lisa F

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Hi Paula,

I am sorry your father didn't hear from his doctor, but I truly believe that doctors do not realize we literally "hang on" to their every word. Please let us know the results of your dad's visit.

Sending your dad my best.



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Prayers that it all turned out well for your dad. Waiting is so darn hard. We get results tomorrow for my husband's most recent scan. It's pins and needles time so I know how you feel. God Bless

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Hi Paula:
I hope your news was good..but whatever the result know that this on-line "family" is here for you.

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Since it's evening, you have the news already. I trust that it is good...

Either way, we ARE here, your extended family, to help deal with anything from Naked Happy Dancing to big, strong hugs...

You, dad, and your family are in my thoughts...

Hugs, kathi

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