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turning 50

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Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd give you an update.
I was dx, March 2004, with rectal cancer, a large tumor, no lymph nodes or other organs involved. I had chemo-radiation, and surgery followed by 6 months of chemo, xeloda. In Oct. 2005, the cancer returned in my right lung making me stage 4. I had 6 months folfox and was again NED until Aug. 2006 when it was back in my lung. I had lung surgery in Sept. 2006 followed by 6 sessions of Folfox + Avastin and have been NED since the surgery.
Today is my 50th birthday, a birthday that I wasn't sure that I would be around to celebrate. I am proof that there is hope and that you can live with cancer. I have been off chemo for the last 3 months and am feeling better all the time. It hasn't been easy and the cancer may return, but if it does I will deal with it. I am making plans to go back to school in the fall to finish my Master's degree. I really wanted to celebrate this birthday so I threw myself a party, bought myself a new car and am going on an Alaskan cruise in August with close friends. I may just celebrate all year!
Take care,

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((((((Jamie))))))) Happy birthday and a long and healthy life,best wishes Ron.

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Happy Birthday! and many many more! Enjoy and celebrate. I've heard that Alaska is beautiful and
I'm sure it will be a wonderful trip! God Bless


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Happy birthday,I am glad to hear all the wonderful plans that you have to celebrate. God bless you

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Jamie, Happy Birthday, dearheart!!!!

I spent my 50th birthday in the hospital. So I'm celebrating big now....I, too, am headed for Alaska....a week from today....I will leave some of the 'natural wonders' behind for YOUR trip...lol!!!

Fighting the beast DOES change our perspective. We realize that, unlike popular belief, life CAN BE short, and so we live well....

I raise my glass....50 is nifty!

Hugs, Kathi

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My favorite thought lately is that the gift and the PRESENT are synonymous. You will feel better the farther away you get from chemo. Alaska may qualify for being far away. I lived in Fairbanks for almost 3 years and can say it is a beautiful state. The trees and mountains are about 10% bigger and better than the continental US.
Have fun and have a great birthday/year,
Jo Ann

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Happy Birthday Jamie!!
Enjoy the day... and the year! I was born in '57 and will be celebrating 50 in the fall. '57 was a great year! I was dx cc in August 2004, stage 4 with liver mets. Your story sounds familiar... and very hopeful. Make plans... have a great cruise... keep doing what's life-giving"!


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Happy Birthday!!!

What an awesome message. I think we should all join in your year-long celebration!

Enjoy your trip.


Posts: 544
Joined: Jun 2004

Thanks everyone for your replies and birthday wishes. Kathi, I hope you have a great time in Alaska. Please post when you get back and tell us all about it. Tricia, I invite you and everyone else to join in my year long celebration! Planning and celebrating keep me going and having fun!
Take care,

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Hi Jamie and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

We were dxed the same month, both stage IV and both NED now!!!!!! I am 2 years older though.....

Have a wonderful year, every test cycle and subsequent NED report gets better and better!!!

Lisa P.

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