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Hi all -- BC survivor of 2 years. I've just started Arimidex. My massage therapist told me about Cantron. Has anyone heard of this? Anybody using it? It's supposed to be some all natural anti-cancer, boost your immune system drug.

Hope everyone is doing well. I don't post often, but I read all the time. :)

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I would look research it. I was reading on it..it contradicts it self on what to take with it and what not to take with it. AND ask your doctor.
I am also on Arimidex and a 2 yr survivor.

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Hi ya 2 year survivors - that is me too. Acording to the American Cancer Society, Cantron is a questionsable method of treatment. I quote:

There is no medical or other scientific evidence that
Cancell/Entelev/Cantron has any effect on cancer or any other disease.
The National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is the U.S. government agency
responsible for cancer research, conducted animal tests in 1978 and 1980
on Entelev and found no activity against cancer. In 1990 and 1991, NCI
examined samples of Cancell and found no response with cancer cells.
Cancell/Entelev is not produced in conformity with good manufacturing
practices and is considered by the US Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), the federal agency that regulates the safety and purity of food
and drugs, to be adulterated (not a pure drug but has additives),
misbranded, and inadequately labeled.



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I'm soooo glad we have a great researcher among us!!!!

BTW------BIG NAKED HAPPY DANCE for your PhD!!!! (And, no, you never told me...lol)

Hugs, kathi

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Thanks for the info...


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The best immune boosters and cancer fighters I've found so far are plain old exercise and a low-fat diet high in fresh veggies and fruit. About an hour of day of exercise is what you want to aim for in that department. It can be walking or a sport you love like tennis or swimming (please note that swimming is NOT a bone-building exercise and you need that too with your meds), but forget counting housework as exercise. I've read studies comparing full time farmers with business men in New York that hit the gym regularly. Guess who had more heart problems? It was the farmers. Seems they were not exercising regularly in spite of their hard outdoor work and without the cardio stuff they got sick with heart disease. So take the time to walk or hit the gym. You may have to work up to that hour gradually but it will be worth it. It really makes a difference and research backs it up! As for the diet, aim for plates with 2/3's to 4/5's veggies of several different colors. Broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts belong to a family known to fight cancer. Broccoli sprouts appear to have even more punch and taste great on a salad, soup or sandwich. Peppers, onions, and even mushrooms have chemicals in them that fight cancer. Whole grains help fight disease too and pair well with all those veggies. Fresh fruits and berries fight cancer and boost your immune system too. Even herbs and spices pack some medical boosts to your immune system and anti-cancer assitance. Best of all, it's cheap, tastes good, and there are no bad side effects when taken in moderation!

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One of the best methods found to encourage a regular exercise program is to buy a pedometer and aim for at least 10,000 steps a day.



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