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It never ends.....

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Hello All,
I posted a couple days ago that my incision site is infected and not healing right. I am going to go see my surgeon on Tuesday for that. Then last night I ended up in the ER for a broken right foot after I tripped over a cinder block while playing ball with our German Shepherds. I at first was totally upset and bent out of shape, then I realized how much crap I have been through in the last 9 months (chemo/radiation, surgery, and more chemo). This is mild compared to all that. So I'm chilling out with my leg elevated having my sweet husband take care of me. Hope everyone has a good Memorial Day.


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Isn't it great to have something 'normal' happen to you???? That can happen to anyone, not just we cancer warriors???

I remember my first 'regular' thing....a very bad cold....drew myself up and said "Wow!!! I MUST be better, if I am getting 'normally' sick!!!

Hugs for the story! Keep that foot elevated!!! And hug that wonderful hubby!

Hugs, kathi

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Oh my goodness! So sorry you broke your foot! but your right, you have been through a major battle and this is a mere skirmish compared to what you've been through. You've got a sweet hubby to wait on you hand and foot (lol) . Hope your feeling better in no time and good luck at the surgeon on tues. God Bless.


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Sounds like you are going to the dogs!
Hope your foot will heal quickly.
Let us know how things are going with your incision.
As the subject bar states, we have to hope it never ends and keep fighting until it does. When life stops throwing stupid things at us, then it is over. We just have to keep on going on, one step at a time (when you can step again). Grab as much fun as possible! You are so blessed to have help. I broke ankle about 3 years ago on the second morning of a move into a new house. I had to just sit and watch as my family moved us in. I got out of so much work! I played the broken ankle card until I couldn't get away with it anymore. So that is what I mean by having as much fun as you can.
Jo Ann

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Gee, So sorry to hear about your foot. You sound like you have the right attitude---this is a piece of cake compared to everything else you have been through!!!! Still----you didn't need this!! Keep your chin up, you will get through all of this.
Thinking of you!


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