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Joining from Vancouver, BC

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Hi... I've just joined in from Vancouver BC. I'm a 49 yr old Stage 4 survivor currently undergoing treatment for a recurrent liver met. Nasty things!! I had RFA (surgically)in March and am now on Avastin, Irenotecan, and Xeloda. I've also just started Neupogen so am experiencing a little "bone pain". Check out my website on this network "Rob in Vancouver".

It's great to find such a great community of "semicolons". In looking at a number of the discussions and websites I am very encouraged. It is especially good to see so many long-term Stage 4 survivors. You're all awesome!!

I look forward to joining in some of the conversations.



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Hi Rob,
Welcome to our family, sorry we have to meet like this. You have found a very caring,knowledgeable,informed,supportive bunch. Many survivors here all stages. Please post often no matter what the issue. I am a 3 year colon cancer survivor stage 11, I found this site while in the hospital recovering from the tumor removal surgery. I could not have faced this disease without the support of my new family.
Be Well
Never,ever give up!!!!

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Hi and welcome. This is a great site for support and information. Hubby is also on xeloda, avastin and oxal for liver mets, hoping for some more shrinkage for other options. Good luck and prayers your NED on your next scan ! Keep us posted.


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We look forward to having a new friend. Wish we had met some other way, but since we didn't, we have to deal with what we have. We seem to have fewer posts on the weekend so be sure to check in again after the holidays.

Jo Ann

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Welcome to the semi-colons! The one family where discussions about frequency, color, consistency, and duration are not taboo!!!

We tussle with the 'socially untalked-about' cancer...hehehehe....I have found myself in situations figuring a way to insert the word 'rectum' into conversations...lol...the reactions are hilarious!!!

Stage III rectal cancer here....specializing in Naked Happy Dancing when anyone shares good news...MY latest scans show STILL cancer free....3 years!!! (1 year on my 'other' cancer...stage II breast...I got the 2-fer...)

I will be flying to your fair city next Monday...my beau and I are starting a 7-day cruise up to Anchorage....I will send my "Hello" as I pass thru!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I MUST ask....are you a Tigger fan? He's MY favorite...so I know all about TTFN!!!!

Have a bouncy day!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Kathy,
We have 3 daughters, now in their early 20's. Winnie the Pooh was a staple in the video machine for much of the 80's. TTFN really stuck!
Have a great visit to Vancouver and enjoy your cruise. As you leave the Vancouver harbour and pass under the Lion's Gate Bridge you will have Stanley Park on your "port" side. I live about 2 blocks from the park and often enjoy riding or walking the seawall trail around the park. My wife and I moved here after my first bout of cancer to enjoy the empty nest/downtown/condo life!! It is always so fun to watch the cruise ships sail in and out. If I see someone "dancing naked" on the bow I'll know it's you.. ;-) Have a great cruise!!


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Hi Rob -

Welcome (but sorry you have to be here).

I'm a Stage IV survivor - diagnosed at 55, 2 years since diagnosis, 21 months "NED" (no evidence of disease), 18 months off chemo. I had Xeloda/oxaliplatin/Avastin for 6 cycles.

Take care and come back often. This is a great support community and there is much hope.


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Welcome Rob!

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