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Another sappy day 4 yrs. NED

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Today my middle child, a son will graduate from college. I am alreday teary eyed--and I am sure I will be crying tears of joy. When he went off to college I was in the hospital recovering from one of my 3 surgeries.

It has been 4 years since I have traveled this cancer journey. I have come a long way baby!!!!

I was diagnosed 3/17/03. I have had chemo/rad., 3 surgeries and 11 hopitalizations.

For all the newbies life can get better.

For all of you still in the battle, my thoughts and prayers are will you all.

Have a great day.


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Congrats on being 4 years ned. Enjoy your accomplishment and also your son's. I just hit my 3 year mark. Yes you have come a long way baby!!!!
Be well
Never,ever give up!!!

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Celebrate! WOW!!! COOL!!!

(hummm, shouldn't do the naked happy dance...graduate might take offense!!!)

Biggest hugs, and a dance for your NED of 4 years!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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What an accomplishment for both of you! It is always inspiring to be reminded that we will get through this. You have come a long way!!! I hope you have a fantastic day with your family. Go ahead and cry those tears of joy---


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When we look back over our own personal history, we find the present hard to believe. You're probably in a place now that you never thought you would be in. I think you will enjoy the graduation more than most of the people in attendance. Congratulations in so many ways!
Jo Ann

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Hi Maureen -

What a great anniversary - congrats to your son and huge congrats to you. I never tire of hearing success stories.

Cry a bucket during graduation!


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Hiya Maureen....hey...great stuff gal!!!There is gunna be more tears for yah gal! Good tears when you tell us in the future he will marry some wonderfull chicky babe, then you will tell us that you are about to be a granny! You will look back on all the horrid cancer stuff and know it was just a glitch in your life. Live long Mo!!....a long life to you.
huggs, Ross and Jen

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Wonderful. Congratulations and Keep Well . God Bless


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Now I'm all teary-eyed too. Warmest congratulations to your middle son on his graduation and to you for your great survivorship.

You and I were diagnosed about the same time. During that time, I've seen my two boys grow from 10 and 12 to fourteen and sixteen. I thank God for allowing me these four years -- if nothing else. (Of course I'm planning to live till 90 and bug them for years to come!).


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What a beautiful day for you.....!!!

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