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Thanks all, and get ready for 'GETYOURREARINGEAR'

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Thanks for all the celebration for me! I have SUCH a GREAT family here!!!

So, my NEW project, now that I am still cancer free, is to have a 5K known as Get Your Rear In Gear....colorectal cancer walk/run....in California....I know, I know...lots of work...but it is such a good cause...

Yea! I feel so light and free!!!! I started breathing again, after the news!!!

BTW, still dizzy, made appt with ocular surgeon today...her scheduler has been avoiding me for almost 2 months...put the brakes on that...wanted to put me out 1.5 months from now...explained that SHE was at fault for not CALLING ME BACK after she got the referral...scheduled me for mid-June....I'll keep you posted...

Hugs to ALL of my family here!


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I also have optic auras...no headache after...just an interruption of vision...but, still COULD be inner ear...going thru the steps...getting a little inconvenient, this dizzy stuff...have to stop and stand still for 30 seconds or so...BUT clean MRI, so it is NOT the beast back for another encore!!!

Also, may be the Tamoxifen for the breast cancer...going to review that after all of this eye stuff....

Hugs, Kathi

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We had our Get Your Rear in Gear event in March and it was wonderful. Great turnout despite really crummy weather. I think next year it is going to be in April and in one of the large malls. How often do you get those optic auras? I think we had discussed the possibility of it being a migraine equivalent. Do you have to be doing something active to have it come on or does it just happen when you are sitting still? We don't want you do get dizzy and fall down while doing your Happy Naked Dance.


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Cool, Dick...it looks like a fair amount of work, but I am a board member of a group called "California Colorectal Cancer Coalition" (C4) that has some REAL movers and shakers...top brass in ACS and in Kaiser included...that are VERY excited...hope we can cover the state...why should all the pink ribbons have all the fun???

Auras and dizzy come whenever and wherever they want to...can even be sitting down....but mostly when I'm walking...Thanks for your concern...maybe just old age...sigh...

Hugs, Kathi

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I admire you for getting the word out there. Too bad the screening is not as simple as getting your finger pricked. Maybe someday.
Have you looked at the information on the Eppley Maneuver for the inner ear. I've had to do this twice and it totally stopped the dizziness. Yours may be ocular, but this information may help someone else.
Jo Ann

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I'm so glad you are promoting the Get Your Rear In Gear run.... We did it here in Austin...hopefully next year too. Let me know how it goes.


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Hi Kathi,

I went through the dizzy thing too. I have an exercise you can do that my doctor gave to me. We thought it was many things before we figured it was that my "marbles were loose". I have the instruction sheet at home. Can I send to you has a PDF file somehow? Let me know - it worked!


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