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My Mom's update

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Hi all, My Mom has had 3 chemos too battle her recurrence (2 carbo plus Gemzar and a reinforcement of Gemzar). We are waiting for her to check her counts in order to continue. Dr. still hasn`t ordered CA 125 because her says it has to be more than one cycle to see if it's working. So I'm worried and anxoius because I don`t know what to expect. My Mom sometimes has small pains and discomfort in her abdomen. She also has indigestion and swollen abdomen. I do hope this is working I`ll keep you updated. Liz

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Hi Lizper!! Glad to hear that your Mom is getting some kind of tx. I am on Gemzar only, and my ca-125 dropped from 82 to 51 after the 1st tx. My Gemzar is also 3 tx, then 1 week off. Then I go for my pre-chemo labs and 2 days later to the Onc.gyn and then I go for my next round of chemo that same day. I would ask the Dr. to pull a ca-125 anyway since she probably has blood pulled for pre-chemo labs anyway..i mean what could it hurt??? right??I also am having some indigestion, and pains in my abd. my onc said not to worry, he felt that it was the masses dying inside and causing some scar tissue. maybe that kind of news could help your Mom feel alittle better. I also now have swollen feet,ankles and calves that started right after my 1st round of tx. The onc said it's lymphadema, and not to worry,,so I don't. I hope your Mom has the same success as I have with Gemzar...(((hugz)))..Joanne

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