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If lymph nodes are positive, why not have protate removed

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I am 46 yrs old and have been diagnosed with T2C protate cancer. My PSA is at 6.5. Six of the twelve biopsy samples were positive, with a concentration in the outer sections. My Gleason's are 6 and 7(3+4). There is currently no evidence of lymph node involvement. I am scheduled to have a radical protatectomy this Tuesday. The Doc says that, if when viewing the lymph nodes, they are obviously positive with cancer, he will remove them and leave the prostate. After some research, this seems to be the standard, because lymph node involvement would indicate that the cancer has spread even further. Therefore save the prostate to reduce potential complications. My thoughts are; heck get the prostate out of there anyway. Sure the cancer may have spread but when considering other treatments (traditional & non-traditional) to try and arrest the spread, there would be less active cancer cells to deal with, and reduce the primary point of metatasis.
Any thoughts out there?

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I have been there and you should listen to the research and leave the prostate alone if the lymph nodes are involved. My gleason was 9 and psa 24 and had one shot of lupron and 40 rad treatments and have survived almost 4 years which is good. Taking out the prostate causes unnecessary problems if the cancer is out of the prostate. You will be fine if you follow this posting.

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Mark and Photon,

Thanks for your replies. I think I will go with what the Doc says.

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The conventional RP operation has many nasty side effects - incontinence, impotence, weakening of the core muscles, etc - the da vinci procedure less so. I would go with what the good doctors say and if the lymph nodes are involved then the treatment is RT and hormones.

My best wishes to you I think you will be fine - I had Gleasons 8s&9s and an extension out of the capsule and still was clear in the nodes.


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