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Question...Need Help!

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Hi to all-
My mom, stage 4, with mets to both adrenal glands is having unexplained pain to lower left side. The pain started about 10 days ago in lower left side and spreads around to her back. She has been to the doctor and he ordered a CT scan and complete blood work. The good news is that nothing was detected except the adrenal tumors which have not changed. No new cancer, and blood work was great. So if seems as if she has stable disease. The bad news is the pain is getting worse, and we do not know what is causing it. Her original tumor was in her cecum, lower right side. She had a colonoscopy 3 months ago and surgeon said everything was great. Does any body have any suggestions?? Any tests that we have not done?? She has a PET scan scheduled for the second week in June and is going to see the surgeon that did her original surgery and her colonoscopy this coming Tuesday. Could it possibly be a new tumor in the other side of her colon? But, wouldn't that show up on the CT scan? Any help would be appreciated. My mom does not do well on any pain meds-we have tried a lot of them. The doc has her taking Advil every 4 hours.
God bless-

P.S. She had Cyberknife on both adrenal tumors in March. They are still the same size, but scan showed that they are significantly less active. We also have an appointment with Cyberknife next week.

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Oh Valerie,

Did you contact the doctor that did the cyberknife to see if this is unusual? I hate to think of your mom in so much pain. She has been through so much. Just know that I'm thinking of her and your family. I hope someone comes on soon that has some ideas. Are the lymph nodes ok? My dad had CLL and his lymphnodes were enlarged in his back area that made him have constant pain. HUGS to your whole family.

Lisa F.

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Hi Valerie,

I am so sorry your mother is having pain, but happy to read that everything seems to be stable.

My only thought about the pain is that maybe she is partially obstructed due to constipation from taking so much pain medication. I know I had two different intestinal blockages and the pain was intense. I don't know....just something to consider.

Give your mom my best.



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Could there be some adhesions from the cyberknife? Call her surgeon and see....

Also, I have had 6 obstructions in my small intestine since my resection surgery May, 2005...these hurt like the dickens...sort of like labor pains...is her stool soft?...is she pretty regular?

Hugs, kathi

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Is the pain external or internal? a patch might work-either lidocaine (sp?) or opiate .

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Sorry to hear that your mother is having so much pain. Did they check her urine? A stone or obstruction in the urinary tract can cause that type of pain that radiates around. It is possible that she is having some obstruction of the kidney on that side although usually there would be some changes that would show on the CT scan.


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