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Has anyone heard of this tree from the amazon? This was sent to me by a friend and I started doing some research. Just wondering if anyone is taking or has any exposure to this.

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Hello Limey,

I haven't heard of a Graviola tree, but my uncle who used to work in Venezuela, told my father about una de gado (?) or Cat's Claw Vine. Supposed to be good for treating cancer. My dad drank 2 cups a day(boil the bark and steep it like tea)before he had his tongue/floor of the mouth cancer removed. As it turned out, the tumor was smaller and surgery was not near as invasive as the dr.s predicted. Wonder if there are any similarities in the Graviola Tree? Just wondering.

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Hello, Limey

Here's a link to an interesting article that I uncovered regarding the supposed merits of Graviola:


Best wishes,

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