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Natural or Chemo

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Natural or Chemo

Two questions I ask...which strategies or paths to take...?

1) What foods (like fruit or veggies) help to prevent the return of sarcoma?
2) What Chemo treatment works best to prevent sarcoma from returning?

I know that there are variables with each path, but I just wanted to get from the group what has been found to works best. I know to stay away from sugar and junk foods.

Thanks in advance for your feedback...


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1) Lots of varying opinions on that! Google a bit. Beware of quacks.

2) There is no one best Chemo treatment for sarcoma! Get to a sarcoma center and under the care of a doctor that sees at least 100 cases of sarcoma a year or more. http://sarcomaalliance.org has a list of centers.

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Do you know anyone with experience on oils or drinks after they have tried all accepted chemo and is not on trials. I just do not have a lot of faith in the trials as there is only a 5% shrinkage on the lung spots with this protien blocker my husband is on. Do you know anything about any of the trials? His is undefined class, just soft tissue. Started in his shoulder and spread to the lungs.

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Don...I am a leiomyosarcoma patient...primary in uterus, then in lung...both removed surgically. They told me there was no chemo for me. They gave me no advise about eating, BUT, I have a friend who is a Homeopath, Acupuncture and Chinese Med. Dr...He gave me a diet which is very close to the one you can find in a book called "Eat to Fight Cancer." Eat bright colored fruits and veggies. Try not to eat too much protein. No red meat. No dairy; switch to soy...no alcohol (I have a hard time and have to have a drink or two)...No refined carbs...No sugar. Eat whole grains. A new lesion started in my other lung, but with the diet I just described, Chinese herbs and acupuncture, the new lesion has shrunk. I was glad the Western world had no chemo for me because chemo is so hard on the body...destroys the good with the bad. I'm not so sure I would have done it even if there was any.

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