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Update on Kathie 687

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Hi. I am Kathie's youngest daughter, Rebekah. She wanted me to sign on and let you guys know that she is recovering well from her surgery, which was last Friday. Her cancer has spread to her abdominal cavity including her intestines so they removed as much of her intestines as they safely could but were not able to get it all of the cancer out. She will be in the hospital for another week or so as she gets her normal bodily functions back. She is understandbly in quite a bit of pain and is obviously upset they couldn't get all of the cancer, but she is doing alright. Once she is out of the hospital we will then figure out what treatment option will work best and get to work! She just wanted to let you guys know her progress. Thanks for being so supportive.

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Thank you so much for the report. We will keep your mother in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Remember, if you need us we are here for you too!
Hugs and Prayers

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Thank you so much for updating us and tell your mom hello and that we are lifting her in prayer.

Hugs N prayers Bonnie

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Thank you so much for the update on my new friend. I will continue praying for her recovery. I had been searching each day
for your report. Tell her Hello and chin up, from Saundra.

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How sweet of you to do this for your Mom, so that we can all be kept up to date. She's blessed to have such wonderful children.

Tell her I'm praying for her also, for quick recovery so she can 'get back to work' as you say. I understand her disappointment, but tell her to stay strong and not to give up hope. You too!

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Thank you for the update, and please tell your Mom that I'm praying for her..and look forward to receiving e-mails as soon as she feels better...(((hugz)))..Joanne

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