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Shopping Around for an Antidepressant

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Hi all. I've been finding that I seem to need to be on an antidepressant and am having problems finding the right one for me. I've tried a couple of different ones that seem to have some bad side effects and I just got to thinking that maybe if I asked some of you nice ladies on this board if you have had any experience with any and would have any recommendations for me. It seems that even the Doctors don't know which ones to prescribe so I'm kind on my own about finding one so I thought I'd consult with you all here. If you don't want to post on this message board you can e-mail me through this site. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you.

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I use Paxil because it has an antianxiety component too. I was having trouble sleeping and this has no side effects on me. I had taken it last year as I nursed mother and brother in their last days so I asked for it last week. It takes as much as two weeks to work on some, but I sleep in three days.

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Joined: Nov 2006

Thanks, Saundra for your reply. I'll check that one out. I also have trouble sleeping and have much anxiety. Thanks again

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I take effexor, I found that I gained weight on paxol.

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I've been taking a low dose (50 mg/day) of Zoloft for some time now, and have absolutely no complaints.

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A close friend of mine uses Lexapro with fantastic results. She is highly motivated and very happy with the results of this drug. Decreased her anxiety too and the thing I noticed is that she looks forward to exercising ! Good luck shortstuff.

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