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high grade bcell lymphoma

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Hello out there. My father has recently been diagnosed as having high grade bcell lymphoma. It has come as a great shock to me as well as to my mother especially since he felt no symptoms apart from losing his appetite these last 4 weeks. He has already been given his first treatment of rchop. He has lost his appetite completely and is sleeping almost all day. My father is 65 years old so i guess it is a lot to take at his age. I would really appreciate if someone can share the experiences and symptoms thathas gone through during the rchop treatment.

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Hi darni, I just finished 6 sessions of R-chop two weeks ago. I am 59 years old and was dx back in Dec. with grade III folicular lymphoma. Everyone is different and I was in good shape prior to dx. I began to lose my hair after three weeks and felt the worst one week after treatment. I got a shot of Neulasta to built white cells two days after each session and my back and chest whould ache for a couple of days. I would also lose feeling in the tips of my fingers from the vincristine. I went to work every day except for the days that I had chemo. I had no problems with food , in fact a gained ten pounds on the prednisone. No two people are exactly the same. Keep your faith and hopefully your dad will have the same results as I did. After three chemo sessions I went into complete remission. I also used visulization when having chemo that like pacman, the R-chop was killing my cancer. Good Luck and may God bless.

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Hi Darni. So far have had two shots of RCHOP and another tomorrow. As with Budski the only side effect so far has been hair loss. The first few days after chemo I also struggle a little bit. Also am on nueprogen as my blood counts were low after my second chemo. Other than that, more often than not I feel good. I do need a good nap at midday though. All the best to you, your dad, and the rest of your family, be well, and stay positive. Cheers, Dan

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I have thyroid lymphoma -- diffuse larege b cell -- just completed round one of RCHOP -- no adverse side effescts -- now concerned about white cells dropping and risk of infection? Any advice? What about working? Tanks, Vince

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did 3 sets of rchop as my first chemo. felt like nothing, didnt understand what everyone carries on about pain, nausea etc. now a year into my treatments i have more understandind, especially about low white blood and infections. felt so good after chemo that i took flight to hongkong from bangkok, where i was doing chemo. i caught staph infection in blood upon return to bangkok in 3 days. maybe i ate sushi, or some unpeeled fruit or??? it is so important what you eat and avoiding crowds etc. allmost killed me!!!!! no matter how strong you feel, you can be dead tomorrow. be super careful.

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Good luck to the old coot. I was diagnosed in April 2006 a few months before turning 60. All and all I made out swell. I thought I had sciatica and went through a round of physical therapy until an MRI with an orthopedic surgeon started me on the track to a definitive diagnosis. Chemo was delayed as the cancer attacked my femur and broke it so I needed surgery. No doubt several months of vicodin helped chill me out. I never missed a meal and gradually put back the weight I had lost. I had a boost at room temp every day. The Lymphoma Society gave me someone to talk to on the phone who said a couple of useful things. Drink lots of water and take the hideous prednisone tablets with a spoonful of applesauce. It's been 2 years since diagnosis and I'm still cancer free. The hip aches from the metal rod they put in my leg and I have tingling in my hands and feet. But I'm doing fine and still wotking. For anyone who reads this and is a Viet Nam veteran be sure to contact your local DAV (DAV.org) as anyone with NHL is assumed to have gotten it from agent orange and you are eligible for a generous tax free pension for, I believe at least 6 months after chemo. Contact your local DAV rep to file ASAP. Good luck to your Dad.

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Hi, I'm a 37 y.o female and was recently diagnosed with diffuse large b-cell lymphoma. I'm on a clinical trial for EPOCH at NIH and I'm on my third cycle (starting today). I've lost my appetite the week after chemo until the week before my next round each time (when my white counts skyrocket). EPOCH knocks me down on my behind each cycle. It's rough, but it's supposed to be aggresive. When I lose my appetite completely, I eat fruit popcicles because they are the only things that don't make my taste buds go crazy. I've lost 20 pounds since March (diagnosed in April). I took 3 months of short term disability because I have so much diahhrea that I just can't work right now and I need my rest. I've also ended up in the hosptial during my NADIR phase each time. I also take neupogen shots during my low white count phase, but I still end up with white counts in the 200-500 range. The docs say this shows the chemo is working relly well.

My best to your father and to your family. My father is 61. Just know that lymphoma tends to "melt" with chemo. It's tough to see him go through this, but he will get better.

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Hi darni, My wife was diagnosed with difuse large b cell lymphoma recently as well. She didn't have any symptoms either. She went to her Dr. for a regular check-up and a blood test showed possible cancer. She has had 2 rchop treatments and neulasta shots after each treatment to help increase her white blood cell count. She lost most of her hair about 3 weeks after her 1st treatment and also spends alot of time resting. Shes 33 and doesn't have much energy. She doesn't eat as much as she did before treatment, and tells me that some food tastes different. I hope all goes well with your family.

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Hi. I do not have cancer, but my father who is 54 years old was also dx with NHL stage 1 diffuse B cell I believe last year when he was 53. He went through about 6 or 8 rounds of chemo and got the rituxin and I believe he got the neulasta each round of chemo. He immediately went into remission as well. His last pet scan came back completely clean and from now on his oncologist said that he just has to get a ct scan every 3 months. He did lose his hair and he was a lot more tired then normal, I don't think he ever got sick, but he did have a problem with constipation. After he stopped his treatments in either Jan or Fed, all his hair has already grown back! Lately, my father has seemed different. My mom and I talked and she told me that my father is very afraid that the cancer is going to come back, or be found all over his body. He is afraid that he will only live at the most 5 more years. He is afraid that he will not get to see my 14 month old daughter grow up. Hearing that about my father made me very upset. I am very close to both my parents and am in no way ready for either of them to leave me. Since being on this website, I have learned that these are normal feelings that cancer patients have. I guess these are things you could look out for. It is a terrible disease, but you must always have hope and be supportive and never be negative in front of the person. I believe pessimism and negativity can only hurt the person with cancer more. They need to be uplifted because a positive mental outlook can help their physical health. I truly believe that. Good luck and God bless!

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Hi there, my mum is 62 and has recently been diagosed with NHL diffuse large cell. It has been a long road to get this far as she needed 2 biopsy's in order for the heamotologist to work out what it was - a common thing with NHL. She will go through a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow and apparently is due to start R-Chop very soon. The only symptoms she has is a swollen lymph node in her groin. I pray that she will overcome this as I am petrified deep down however I always remain positive.

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