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I haven't posted for awhile, but I've been reading and praying for all of you. This is a great site to come to when you want to read encouraging stories and share in happiness and sometimes sorrow. Sometimes I feel like I'm not really a part of all of you as I am not the patient, but the caregiver. I don't want to pretend that I know how it feels to be the patient. But I can tell you that this is the most terrifying experience that I have ever been through. It is the waiting and the wondering that is the worst for us.

3 weeks ago my husband finished his 8th and last Folfox treament. Next week he will be having CT scans and bloodwork done. If the bloodwork looks okay he will have his illeostomy reversed. He hasn't had a scan done in about 5 months. I know you all know what the waiting is like-----it is almost unbearable. I just want to get some good news and have the best summer of our lives!!!!

Just wanted to touch base with all of you. I'm thinking of all of you and am always wishing and praying for the best. Keep the Faith!



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    Hi Faith, Just have as your name states - Faith. I try to go about this as it is what it is. by the time you get to the scan, the results are already there, you just have to wait to get them. For me this usually helps me get through some of it. I have had both the dissapointing news of reoccurance and also the elatied news of NED. It always feels much better to only focus on good results.

    I have a bit of a funny story.

    My results as you know were good this time, except that there was some unexplainable inflamation they thought by the rectum. He was concerned but did not understand why it was there. Well, three hours before my exam I did an enema so, in my mind nothing would light up in my colon. After a few good chuckles I now know not to do that the day of a scan.

    Keep a light heart my dear and think only positive thoughts. Wear your ruby slippers and repeat- no evidence no evidence. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your hubby. Tell your husband to go snd slay the beast
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    We will have you in our prayers....Please keep us posted..we want to add you to the list of all the good news that we have been getting..
    Pray, pray, pray
    God Bless
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    You have done everything you know possibe to do to get a positive scan. Now stay very busy until you have the results. Remember, "Thy will be done." We will keep you in our prayers but try to turn the worry over to the one in charge. Stay in the present, that is the real gift.
    Jo Ann
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    First.. CONGRATS to your husband on the end of chemo!!!! I'm sure it is nice for him to know that no more infusions. I was so relieved. I hope you went out for something nice?

    I'm also sending good vibes for the results of the scan. Waiting is the worst. HUGS.

    Lisa F.
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    Best of luck! The waiting game.... I hate it. My doctor gave me zanax to take to help with the anxiety. I'm sending good vibes your way.

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    Hi Faith... I know exactly how you feel being the "caregiver" also. Lots of prayers coming your way for great scan results for your husband . Mine had his 6 week scan today. Next week we will find out if the liver mets are continuing to show signs of shrinkage or progression. I can totally relate to the fear of the unknown. Keep positive and know we are all praying for a great outcome. God Bless.

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    Thanks to all of you!!! You always know the right things to say. We appreciate all of your words of support and we try to live by them. I'll keep you posted!

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    Thanks to all of you!!! You always know the right things to say. We appreciate all of your words of support and we try to live by them. I'll keep you posted!


    Struth gal....shocking thoughts! Not a part of us? You need to remove those thoughts from your head. Of course you ARE! I'm guilty of not coming here often enough either Faith...and I am the one who "had"....notice I said "had" cancer! Jen, my lovely gal, never really felt part of the crowd either but our trip to a palooza proved that carers ARE indeed included. As a carer(angels I call them...and you) you do in my view get the rougher end of the journey. You have to be carer, comforter, of things. We might endure the pain of chemo and the cancer but you endure tenfold in emotional and phsycological pain watching your loved one. You endure the fear and anxiety of not knowing as much as we do. The love and support you give with your hubby is what makes you an angel in our eyes. I knew Jen had to endure all the pain I went thru...just in a different way. All the follow-up tests I knew were hell for her too. She did not say as much...she kept telling me all would be ok....but I knew she worried, just like you.
    Yes, you are a part of us all....and in a huge way, because you share all our fears.
    Huggs from oz, Ross and Jen
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    Hi Faith,

    My thoughts and prayers for both you and your husband for positive scan and blood results. Waiting for results is truly paralyzing. We are here for both of you.

    Always BELIEVE!