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update on very confused...

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Well, my daughter had her appointment with a regular oncologist today and he reran all the test ie..CA125 and also checked her thyroid and checked her for diabetics. Since her last appt. (1 1/2 weeks ago) she has lost 13 lbs. He did tell that she is going to have surgery and he is sending her to a GYN/ONC. BUT because she has medicaid she will have to wait for the approval from the state of Colorado. Do you think it would help if I called them? It's terrible to have to wait for that. It's not like she has to have her belly button fixed!!!! The closest GYN/ONC is about an hour away in Denver. But I guess you do what you have to do. What really sucks.... is that I'm here with her and my husband is at home in Nevada. She would love to have him here also. Thanks for listening to me rant and rave and for the prayers and support.

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Could you go to the Medicaid office to expedite the procedure?? Maybe get a chance to see an case worker, and explain the dire need to approve this operation quickly? From the time I was dx at the hospital, got to go see the gyn/onc, and then had my surgery took me 2 weeks...so if that helps to give you a time line of how quick it can be done at least you'll know. Good luck, I'll keep your daughter in prayer...(((hugz)))..Joanne

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So sorry to hear of your situation with your daughter. This must be so difficult for all of you, and being away from your husband also. Floridajo had a good suggestion. If you don't get quick enough results, I wonder if the doctor would go ahead and do the surgery and just let you deal with Medicaid later? This system we have with so much red tape is a disgrace.

My heart and prayers to you, your daughter and family. Hugs to all of you. Please keep us informed, and don't give up hope.


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If it's any encouragement at all, I live in Colorado as well and drive an hour to Denver to see my GYN/ONC and to do chemo at his office. It is well worth the drive. He has been terrific. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about medicaid, so can't help you there. I'll pray she gets the surgery approved quickly.

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First of all I would like to thank everyone for the prayers.... Staci (daughter) went to the oncologists and her test results were UNBIEVABLE!! He called her on Friday and told her that her CA125 was in the 60's and that her pap came back normal!!!! This is after 2 other doctors reports were NOT good! Yesterday he had her come in for an ultrasound and he found nothing! So today he is doing a CATSCAN. He asked her if she belived in Miracles, because he was looking at the other 2 sets of reports and he told her that according to the other docs she has ovarian cancer and didn't look good for her,,,, BUT he told her that before he gave her his outlook he wanted to do the Catscan just to be sure.. He told her this "I can't say that you don't have cancer BUT right now I can't say that you do" The power of Prayer!!!!!

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