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good news

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Hi All. Just got back from the Onc and it was good news. My web page has the details on my cancer. So anyway, the good news. Liver tumor - for sure gone gone gone. Tumors in my abdomen - NED. last tumor was on my pelvis and the rediolisigst wrote that he was not willing to clasify it as a tumor now as it does not show resemblence. It has shrunk in size and is breaking apart so they are not sure it is / was a tumor. NED - not really but prety damn close. We do not know the reasons for the new pains i am was having (they are going away now) but for now, it is not due to growth.

I have many of you to thank for your suppport and prayers and a couple of you I owe you big time for carrying me when I was falling down. Man this is difficult to get through these scans. The relief is so intense.

I am going to take the summer off from chemo to let the old hands and feet repair. Meanwhile I am keeping up with the Rife sound thera;y and still taking the Transfer Factor I had made when I was down in Mexico.

Going out for a glass of sommething goooood and a nice dinner with my very relieved partner.


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great news Mark....glad to hear it

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