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I have decided to volunteer one day a month at the hospital I received my chemotherapy treatment and are asking for prayers to give me the guidance I will need to help others.

Volunterr orientation is scheduled for 4 June 07.


  • KathiM
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    You are so wonderful, my dear!

    I am a 'Reach for Recovery' (breast cancer) volunteer, and a 'Patient Partner' registered at the hospital where I had my surgery, and a 'Patient Buddy' with the colon cancer coalition....I feel I must give back...I remember those 3 scary words...and I have a favorite word with my cancer buddies....'normal'!!!!

    One thing that was stressed at my training...remember this is about THEM, and if they ask you a question about you, answer in short answers if possible, and then turn the discussion back to them. Also, remember you are not their doctor, and suggest that any questions regarding care should be asked of their doc...

    Also, don't take their experience too much to heart...can lead to flashbacks to your stressful experience, and we need to keep YOU healthy and beast-free, too!!!!

    You are such a hero for doing this...

    Hugs, Kathi