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Ovarian Cancer Discovered after Hysterectomy

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I went in for a hysterectomy. Prior to the proceedure I had an ultra sound that did not show my right ovary. I asked the gyn to take a look during surgery. He found it and the tumour that came along with it. Pathology report came back and the tumour had some unfavorable cells. I was referred to a gyn.onc. I do not have a baseline CA-125. the Gyn/onc wants to open me up and take biopsies/staging. What is this debulking I hear in this chat room? Has anyone else have a similar story as to mine? How is the recovery to this surgery? I am obese and concerened? Thanks for the listening.

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I know you must be very concerned, but I hope we can all be of some help here. This is a great forum for support, hugs and prayers.

Did you have a complete hysterctomy? Sorry you need to have surgery again, but had it been a gyn/onc the first time, you might not have had to endure another surgery. Nonetheless, not knowing the complete situation, I can tell you that the next surgery will probably be no worse than the first. I'm a two-time OVCA survivor, and on the second surgery they could not do the 'bikini' cut so it was done vertical. I feel I have been very blessed in that I recovered very well and quickly from both surgeries. My doctor is great. So I hope you have a very good doctor that you can trust and feel totally comfortable with. What state are you in?

As for the debulking, I beieve it refers to removing as much cancer as possible. Sometimes, chemo is done first and then surgery to remove what's left over. But they certainly need to know what stage it is in order to treat it properly. As for your weight I understand your concerns. Did you handle the first surgery well? I'm sure they will take good care of you. If I were you I would start keeping a journal if all that you are going through. It helps to refer to later on. I kept notes on all my chemo treatments such as how I felt, what they were giving me, etc. Even days after I would note any side affects, or just generally how I was feeling. So next time around I was prepared and had certains things available like special foods, beverages, meds, etc. Well, maybe that's getting too far ahead. You might not even need chemo!

Please keep in touch with us to let us know what you find out. Praying for you, sending hugs, and love!

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Thanks for the chat. I still have my left ovary and cervix. I am in Arizona. I did handle the first surgery well. In the hospital did they give you a pain pump for your stay? I am getting used to the idea. It is becoming less scary. How old are you? I am 40 and past wanting additional children so the hysterectomy was not tragic. Again thank you for give me support during a confusing time. May all be well with you.

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I can't answer your questions any better than Mopar....the second surgery is needed for staging and pathology. My sister had a gyn/onc called in to her surgery when it was discovered that she had a mass on her ovary. The onc. found no other signs of cancer, however he did another test where they add saline solution to your abd. area, and then suck it out. This saline then goes to pathology to look for cells. My sister saline came back positive for cancer cells, her pathology on the mass was negative. She however is staged at a 1c. She has not had to have any chemo...she visits the onc, just like me every 3 months for a ct scan and a ca-125..so far she is very lucky, no signs of disease present. Hopefully they won't find any more cells and you'll be staged at 1a or 1c. I'm not sure if they would do any chemo, I think that is a Dr. thing to decide. Good luck..hang in there...Joanne

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Thank you for the reply. You have given more info to ask my gyn/onc about. I hope you and your sister stay well.

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Patti, sorry you have to undergo another surgery. I think if your gyn/onc is recommending it I'd have it done. Lifting you in prayer. Bonnie

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Yep,I am pretty sure I am doing the surgery. Getting a second opinion this Friday. Thanks for your thoughts. Stay well.

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Hi Patti, I'm sorry to hear about the second surgery, also. I went in for a hysterectomy after uterine cancer was found in a biopsy; the oncologist found ovarian cancer involving one ovary that had burst. I was staged at 1b uterine, 1c ovarian, and because the ovary had burst, it was decided chemo was prudent. Chemo was not very hard for me, all things considered.

I hope you won't have to have debulking! I believe Monika is right, that it refers to removing all cancer and all affected areas as much as possible. She's right about keeping a journal, or at least notes about who says what and what treatments you're given. It all gets to be a whirl, and if you have chemo, you may have what is sometimes called "chemonesia"-forgetting a LOT! Good luck, we're all pulling for you!

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