The cancer is back...

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Hey everyone....I havent written in awhile but had a PET scan yesterday and it came back that the cancer is showed up in my lungs. I have heard of it coming back in the liver but not the lungs...has anyone had this happen?


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    I was diagnosed w/rectal cancer stageIII/Oct 2000/& did chemo/radiation. Cancer reoccured
    Dec 2003/mets to lungs/then Folfox/vaccine trial, IMRT-(targeted radiation)reduced mets to 3 mets plus or minus/ then Avastin /Erbitux/reduced CEA/tumor size, but didn't eliminate tumors or reduce number/size. Currently not under treatment/tumors/CEA/increasing. How many mets does he have and what size? He could be a candidate for surgery bud
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    I'm sorry to hear your news. My understanding is that lungs and liver are the common areas for metastases. I developed mets to the lungs in Dec 2004. I've been on numerous chemo cocktails and tried the naturopathic route. Currently on oxali, 5 FU, leucovorin and avastin. Has been working well, but we had to cut back on the dose of oxali and cut out some 5 FU because of side effects. I'm hoping it continues to work. I will know more in 2 weeks. Keeping you in my thoughts. There are a lot of treatment options out there. Something I haven't been able to use, but may work for you is surgery. My were too multiple, small and spread out to consider that as an option. I think radiofrequency ablation has been used also, though they usually like that for primary cancers. Keep on fighting the good fight!
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    I am sending hugs your way. I think that the liver and lungs are common places for the cancer to spread to.

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    Aw, dearheart, I am sending hugs...

    I have not experienced a reoccurance, but remember well the day they told me I had my second cancer in less than a year!!!

    I cried, got mad (durn! I was going to lose my HAIR!!!) and then fought it again~

    Yes, the lungs are the favorite place for many cancers to met to...

    Hugs, Kathi
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    I know the feeling....please stay positive...I know its hard, I was crying my eyes out 2 days ago just because I was waiting for results, but if you remember my story 6 months ago I had a recurrance in the psaos muscle...Avastin/Cpt11 and 5 fu shrunk 1 tumor..the other one increased a little bit, but know I am a candidate for surgery...I am meeting NED again in a couple of weeks....pray, pray , pray...
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    Hey Sorry to hear the news. I had my ct/Pet today and get the results on Monday. I am concerned of growth and mets to liver. I have heard many on the board talk of mets to both liver an dlungs but also read many success stories of recestion to both organs. stay positive.
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    I'm sorry the news wasn't better. What treatment is your onc proposing now? RFA is not only used for primary cancers, but can also be used on certain mets, depending on size and quantity, both for liver and lung. I know it's difficult to hear such news. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way. Don't give up hopes of beating this. God Bless.

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    I am so sorry to hear about your recurrence. Yes, recurrence in lungs can happen -- my understanding is that this is more common for rectal cancer than colon cancer. I was diagnosed with Stage III rectal cancer. I have had two recurrences - -both in the lung. Do you know the number and size of lesions? One question is whether they (and you!) will consider surgery. In my case, both times I had a solitary lesion which was small -- and I had surgery followed by chemo. I'm currently on the same chemo as 'goldfinch' (FOLFOX plus Avastin). I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about lung mets, etc.. Meanwhile -- a recurrence is a terrible blow -- but it's not a death sentence. I am clinging firmly to the "chronic disease" model these days. I may have further recurrences in the future. Thanks to continuous advances in medical science (all types), I will deal with it -- and I can live a good life doing so. Wishing you all the best.
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    I am so sorry for your set back. But, as the others have pointed out, there are ways in which to treat recurrences.

    As Tanya said, these days "a recurrence is a terrible blow -- but it's not a death sentence." I have read of many people, with mets to the lungs, who are thriving.

    Best wishes,
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    Very sorry to hear the news,but you know that even thoug is not easy emotionally, you are going to beat this thing again, as you did before,you have 2 very important reasons(your beautiful children) to stay strong,please keep us posted, I will be praying for you.
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    Hi There - So sorry to hear your news. I know you said you are in Discovery Bay...somewhat (couple of hours) close to me. If you are the least bit interested in a second opinion at UCSF, just let me know. The docs there are supposed to be excellent (and, my insurance is covering this appt!). Take care and thinking of you.
    All the best - Maura
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    I personnally haven't had it come back in my lungs my came back in my stomach. If anyone can fight this and stay positive at the same time it is you. Take a deep breath and start the fight one more time.
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    When I was diagnosed with colon cancer, it was originally staged a 2; however, they happened to do an xray of my lungs and discovered a tumor in my lower left lung. At this point they didn't know if it was metasisized colon cancer or lung cancer. I opted to have my entire lower left lobe of my lung removed. The pathology report showed it was colon cancer; therefore, jumped me up to a Stage 4. Since then I've had 2 recurrences both in the liver. Why it jumped to my lung initially is still a mystery. Good luck and hang in there. Email me if you want more details on my treatment.