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my mom has cancer what to do

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My mom has cancer of the liver,and she has gone thru radiation already,and they went in and clamped off the blood supply to it, but there is another small tumor still getting blood supply from somewhere and they do not know where.she has an appointment on monday so that they can burn out the cancer with electroids or something like that, they said if this does work there is nothing they can do. I do not understand why there is nothing else they can do, has anyone else been in this situation where they say there is nothing they can do? they told my mom this is an aggressive sarcoma and it could come back w/in a year. any suggesstions besides prayer, being positive and mobility we have been. so lets add on some extra powerful prayer for my mom please.I believe that this procedure will work anf God will work it out b/c He always does I really believe that.

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So sorry that you and your mom are going through this. Your right, prayer is powerful treatment. The most powerful one in fact. There are also medical/surgical treatments that have come a long way in recent years. Is your mom also on chemo? My husband has liver mets from colon cancer and is on avastin/xeloda/oxal and they are showing some signs of shrinking. Avastin usually interferes with the blood supply to tumors . Also, rfa (radio freq ablation) is used in certain cases on liver tumors, which may be what they are doing? We are hoping to get to that point in the future as he has multiple mets. My husband's onc is pretty much "chemo and that's all we can do " but we've gotten other opinions and other options are not necessarily closed out for the future if the tumors shrink. We will pursue another opinion soon . Has your mom sought a medical opinion at a MAJOR cancer center? If not , that might be the step she wants to pursue in the future. It's important to take it one day at a time. It's also very important to seek second and third opinions if necessary as what one doc says might not necessarily be another's view! Don't give up hope. Be persistant . Your mom and you will be in my prayers. God Bless'


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There are two new chemo drugs for liver cancer in pill form. I have taken one, called Sutent, and am now taking the other, called Nexavar. Have doctors discussed the possibility of using these new treatments?

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