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God is good....the nurse just called....No new tumors...same old small tumors on my psoas muscle...believe or not I was hoping for a spontaneus remission, but I will celebrate this...I have an appt. with the Dr. next Tuesday...I supposed to discuss surgery...I'm on my way to meet NED again....Thanks for your words..they did help last night

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Good luck with your appointment. Things unknown and imagined seem worse than the real ones. At least the real ones we can deal with better.
Jo Ann

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Am so glad it turned out ok . The news is so much better than what you were thinking last nite. You are absolutely right to celebrate and to hope to meet NED again. Good luck with your appt next tuesday. Keep us posted. God Bless


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Hey - pretty good news. So glad it wasn't bad like you were dreading. As Jo Ann said, the imagined is often worse than the actual.

Let us know about the surgery prospects.


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What a relief. And, yes, you're due for a celebration.


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Glad to hear that your news was better than expected. I hope you get even better news at your appointment next Tuesday.


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sometimes I think our odds are similar to that of the casinos..there are the big winners tho; so celebrate what you have, gamble with the rest, and come out a big winner! Bud

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liked that !

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NED is waiting, dearheart...

I will be thinking of you next Tuesday...will probably be about the time I get results from my scans this week....

Hugs, Kathi

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