Looks like a party!

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Well, I just got confirmation from the Hilton Downtown Nashville that the following have reserved their rooms for Colon Palooza 5 to take place Sept 12 to 16 in Nashville, TN.

Ying (JADot)
Lisa & Andy (Lisa Rose)
Bob & Katie (SpongeBob & USAKat)
Lisa (scouty)
Kerry (Kerry! lol)
Betsy & hubby (betsydoglover)
Mark (Limey)
JoAnn & hubby (jams67)
Kate & Jim (katefm)
Sue (jerseysue)
Kay (Kanort)
Debbie & hubby (sladich)
Jana (Jana11)
Kathi (KathiM)
& me

Anyone still interested may be able to squeak a room at our MAJORLY DISCOUNTED RATE of $ 159 per night (reg. price $ 300 a night!) Call the Hilton, downtown Nashville, 615-620-2150 or e-mail your request to [email protected] Explain you want to reserve your room which is in the block set aside for the SEMI COLONS, arranged by Stacy Gleason. We are staying at the Hilton, Downtown Nashville, TN. You can check out the hotel by cutting and pasting this link into your browser:


The big reception party is set for Thursday, Sept 13. A Haunted Tavern Tour set for Friday, Sept 14. Wild Horse Saloon line dancing lessons set for the evening of Friday, Sept 14. General Jackson Boat Tour & Lunch Saturday, Sept 15.

Plus, many more SURPRISES to be disclosed at the event.

Can't wait to meet all of you I haven't met in person, yet!!!




  • Lisa Rose
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    Hey Stacy,

    Looks like things are shaping up for a Great Party ~ Fun, Fun, Fun. . .

    Rock On,

    To check out Palooza 2,3,4 go to www.colonpalooza.com
  • scouty
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    Oh what a party it sounds like too. I'm glad I'm booked!!!!!

    Lisa P.
  • ron50
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    Siiiggghhhh and me stuck at the wrong end of the world (for parties anway)think I'll sulk....
  • KathiM
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    ron50 said:

    Siiiggghhhh and me stuck at the wrong end of the world (for parties anway)think I'll sulk....

    Appropriate, since we have had the 'wrong end' cancer....rofl!

    I'll raise a glass for you, dearheart!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
  • sladich
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    I'm a newbie to the group but am looking forward to meeting everyone.