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I called my nurse to see if she could give me the results of my pet scan.She didn't. The last time she did this it was bad news. To refresh your memory, I have been on chemo for 6 months trying to get rid of 2 smal tumors in the psoas muscle. The chemo shrunk one but the other grew a little bit. The pet scan was to determine if I was elegible for surgery. Dr said that is there's no new tumors they will do the surgery...I will have the results tomorrow morning... I was SOOOOO positive that everything was going to be ok....I know...I should wait...I just wanna know...thanks for " listening "

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I know the waiting is difficult and especially in your situation where you have experience with the nurse waiting with results. Stay as positive as you can....it can always be something else, perhaps the doctor wants to discuss possible surgery with you??? It could be anything... Hang in there. I'll add you to my prayers this evening.


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lleana, I'm so sorry you have to wait and worry. I know it's just awful. I , too, will be saying a special prayer for you tonite. I agree with Kerry , it's entirely possible that the doc wants to go over results with you for other reasons . Will be sending positive thoughts your way. God Bless.


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Hi Ileana -

I am so sorry you have to go thru this. Please realize that the nurse not giving your results does not necessarily mean they are bad - but I know how much this makes your worry.

Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. I'll be hoping they are able to do the surgery you need to have done.

Sorry for the panic - this waiting game sucks!

Take care,

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Has she given you results in the past? Often they defer that to the doctor because there are often followup questions which the nurse may not be able to answer. The wait is hard but we are praying that you will get the desired result- something that can be removed or better yet, all gone.


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Could also be that she had a fight with her boyfriend, or was scolded for giving out too much info to someone in the past...who knows?

Tomorrow will be here soon, and you will know. And, regardless of the news, we want to hear from you!!!!
Waiting is heck, at whatever stage it happens...sigh...these health care workers don't understand the stress we are under....sigh....and how fertile an imagination we all have when given any stimulus...

Hugs for good results!

Hugs, Kathi

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I don't remember your full story, but my husband is on his 2nd recurrence with 3 pelvic mets (the largest with margins on the Psoas muscle) and began chemo in November. He just had a PET/CT and had good results - 2 mets gone and the one on the psoas muscle reduced from 2.5 to 1.4 with no hypermetobolic activity. I had been talking with the University of Cincinnati (Dr. Lowy) about the cytoreductive surgery with HIPEC and sent them all his records along with disks of his last 3 scans.

They called yesterday and said the tumor board met on his case and did not feel he would be a candidate for the HIPEC but they do recommend surgery with brachytherapy since all of his recurrences are limited to the pelvis.

He has already had external radiation and this is one of the reasons they are recommending the brachytherapy. I did not ask any questions, but plan on following up on their recommendation.

Have you checked into the surgery and brachytherapy if your mets are all in the pelvis?


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