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Hello .... I have had small cell colorectal cancer twice -- initially in 2/03 and then a return of cancer in 2/05 to the outside of the rectal wall. The first time around I had chemo (carbo platin and VP16) and radiation. The second time I had surgery with internal brachy (sp?) radiation, then two sessions of chemo. I don't recall offhand what type of med was used for chemo the second time around but it was drastic enough to instigate a c-diff infection from which I almost died and put me into hospice care for about 6 months. Since it's been coming back every two years, I am really happy that my last colonoscopy (results 2 weeks ago) came back clear. Life is so-so. Have been put on disability primarily for bowel issues--is a constant, unpredictable battle. My husband and I moved about 7 months ago to a new state to live, with no family and no friends here. Since I am unable to work, it is extremely difficult to keep busy and positive. I am hopeful about having some interaction at this site. I am here to chat, which is the good news. But it's a challenge nonetheless.

Any replies would be delightful :-) I wish all of you luck and a healthy outlook!


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    I'm a newbie to this group also. I've never heard of small cell colorectal cancer. I have Stage IV colon cancer. The original tumor site was in the sigmoid colon. I've had a spread to my left lung (had the lower left lobe removed) and the liver (twice). I was diagnosed in September 2004. Right now I'm doing good and back to work full-time. I know what you mean about not working. When I was diagnosed, I was out of work for 9 months because of surgeries and chemo (FOLFOX). I went crazy at home. My mind played head games and I spent way too much time on the computer. The second recurrence I was able to work part-time. I just went back full-time in mid-April. I did enjoy working part-time though. Congratulations on your recent colonscopy results. Take care.

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    Welcome Leahi, sorry for the reason your here, but.... you have made it to a good place. I am stage something or other and presently doing chemo - you can read my story on my homepage. You will get lots of help to your questions and mostly lots of support when you need it.
    Many here do a happy naked dance if I am correct when they get good results on a test so It may be good you don't know too many people yet in your state. Moving is hard, especially when your dealing with gaing back your health. Stay tumor free and again Welcome.
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    Welcome. I am a stagge IIIC colon cancer survivor. I just finished up chemo 3 weeks ago and am back to work after being out 7 months. I know how you feel being lonely. I had just gone through a divorce 2 weeks before I was dxed so I had to do it alone with all family miles away. Hang in there and yes we are all there for you.

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    Hi Leahi,
    I was dx with stage 3c six bad nodes. I had twelve months of 5fu levamisole ,which they rarely use now. I have been able to work(only because I couldn't afford not to). I've sufferred a lot of ill health and my marriage has just ended but I'm still upright and breathing and cancer free nine and a half years after my op. I'm trying to get thru to jan 22/ 08 ,that will be my tenth anniversary. Good luck and good health for the future ,looking forward to seeing you in here often. Ron(from Australia)
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    Welcome Leahi,

    I'm pleased to meet you. Great news regarding your clear colonoscopy.

    I know exactly what you mean about boredom eating away at life, and relocating is always stressful too. I haven't worked since my diagnosis, but am planning on returning to school in the fall. I wonder if you could take a correspondence course--would that interest you? At the moment I'm trying to teach myself Italian and I must say that it's a welcome change to focus on something other than my health.

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    Hi and welcome. This is a great site with much support . Great news that your results came back clear. My husband is stage IV , but we are remaining positive and hopeful, due to the many posts from other survivors here , who have fast become our extended family. God Bless and post often.

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    Welcome to our little group. We're a closely-knit bunch of survivors who are both actively fighting the battle, or basking in the safe waters of remission/cured.

    I was stage 4, and that was 5.5 yrs ago. I was 33 when I was diagnosed. THERE ARE TONS OF HAPPY ENDINGS HERE!!! In fact, you should try to attend our 5th annual reunion called COLON PALOOZA. A core group of us began organizing these events for many years now, and they are a great way to meet folks from this site in person. This year, it's in Nashville, TN Sept 12 to the 16th.

    I hope you enjoy your new status as a "Semi Colon"....we'll do our best to make you feel welcome!


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    Welcome! On the one hand, we hate to say that as it means one more person who has to fight the beast. On the other hand, this is a good place to come with questions and for support. I haven't heard of small cell colorectal cancer. Usually it is adenocarcinoma or sometimes, with anal cancer it is squamous cell. I had rectal cancer treated initially with chemo/radiation and then a local excision. Had a recurrance about 8 months later, had surgery with a permanent colostomy and then chemo. For any question you have someone here has probably experienced the same thing. Feel free to ask questions.

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    first of all, let me gently correct you; this is a forum, not a chat room..we do have two chat rooms, if you like live, here and now communication. The forum requires that you wait for a response. In the latter, you have immediate response. In the former, you receive immediate feedback.
    Welcome! One thing you might look for ia a local support group; your local cancer clinic or hospital is likely to have one. Here on CSN you have found one of the most qualified group, and they will give you real answers to your questions and concerns. Someone will show up with an answer.