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had rad in 05 psa went to 0.04 now point 3.38 so they want to wait

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Hi Jojoman

I relied to your first post. I am glad the bone scan was clear. However I am not so sure about watch and wait. I would take a 2nd opinion on this.

I have exactly the same symptoms as you - both external iliac nodes have metastatic disease. As soon as my urologist saw this he put me on casodex. My psa went to 0.003 from 0.22. I then came back off casodex for 9 months and when my psa went to 0.03 he put me back on the casodex. He reasoned that if the psa moved by a factor of 10 then something should be done about it. By the way I was offered 2 options initially just casodex or a combination of casodex and lupron. The latter has greater morbidities so I chose the former and it has worked well for me.

Your psa has moved nearly 100 fold which seems alot. However as Roger says keep positive in answer to your previous question. Intermittent casodex treatments can sustain one for many many years with few nasty side effects.

Best wishes

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