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Complication after Bladder Removal Surgery

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My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer on October 206. After several treatments of chemo, he underwent Bladder Removal surgery on March 15th, 2007. His procedure was an Ileal neobladder (build a new bladder with small intestines). He was released from the hospital after 9 days. All the scans show'd that the bladder sugery was very successful. He was home around 5 days and we noticed that one of his wounds opened back up and what looked like bowel was oozing out. He was re-admitted to MD Anderson and the scan results show'd that he had a small hole in his small intestines. They put him on a diet of no liquids and no foods, he had a pickline put in his arm and was fed with TPN. This went on for several weeks. The wounds started healing from the inside out and all looked beautiful. His new bladder was on the right tack and the intestines show'd to be repairing it self. Then all of a sudden one of his wounds opened back up and again, bowel started oozing back out. Once again, he was re-admitted to MDA and back on TPN (Intrvenous feedings) His doctor is telling us that surgery to repair the intestines can't be preformed yet because it's too soon after his initial bladder surgery. At this point, I'm helpless. Has anyone out there experienced anything like this? My husband orginally weighed 197lbs and is now weighing 152lbs. It is killing me seeing once a very strong, active man become so week and helpless.
Please let me know if anyone has experience this. I need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you,

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I would suggest going to http://blcwebcafe.org and posting this question in their forum.That site has bladder cancer survivors from all over the world and is the most useful site for bladder cancer.

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I think I would have a long talk with your husband's doctor to find out why this is happening. There has to be a reason. I have heard many times that MD Anderson is one of the best hospitals for bladder cancer treatment, as is Norris Cancer Hospital here in Los Angeles. I think he is good hands but there must be something going on that you don't know about.
I hope and pray that you do find the answer, and for sure your love for him and caring for him is probably at the top of the list for his needs.


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Sorry to hear about your dad's misfortune. I had a very similar experience. My bowel was punctured and oozed up through my supra-pubic tube. They removed the tube and applied a very small stoma, for couple of days until the opening closed up. I got a severe infection(mrsa}therefore I had to remain in the hospital two addition weeks. I also had a fistula between my neo-bladder(I have the studer) and vaginal wall. We waited about two more weeks before having the fistula repaired. It came undone with-in three days. Again, I acquired another infection(VRE)and again an additional two week stay followed by a couple more weeks wait, then another repair surgery that only lasted 22 hours before coming undone. My doctor said I had the repair sugeries too soon and wanted me to wait four months to have another repair surgery to give my body more time to heal. I am now into the fourth month and doing my pre-surgery testing and wait for a definate date. I have hated this waiting and have been told I may end up with an ostomy. I am very unhappy about this I will have gone through all this misery and pain for nothing. I hope by now your father has resolved his issues. I wish him the best!

Lynn aka trudging1o1

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My husband is scheduled to have his bladder, prostate and lymph nodes removed next month. We are scared to death, why does he have to have it done and now that I read about some of the problems.....why not just keep it and just check for Cancer down the road. My God, he will be in the ER all the time with complications!!! We are not doing the Neo Bladder because of the fact it doesnt work like a real bladder but OMG, with the other one. THis sucks!! Confused.

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August 2010 I received a neobladder. Its been 6 months now and its pretty darn close to normal. There was some incontinence initially but thats over. With treatment ED disappears as well. I can only speak for myself and for a few other patients I've met but it sounds as if you need a better look at the procedure. I used SUNY at Stonybrook.

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