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Holistic Medicine/Doctors

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Mary from WI is back!

Hi online family... I hope each and everyone of you are safe, happy, and feeling good today! ; )

Also, I had some questions regarding "holistic medicine/doctors" and "juicing so...
(and I am asking all of these questions for my mom recent post titles: "My Family Letter -is my mom dying everyone?")

- would you consider the "holistic" approach
another alternative if nothing else has worked?
- is this considered "another opinion"?
- does insurance cover this type of medicine?
- how does someone with hardly any money coming
in approach a medicine like this?
- can anyone refer me to a dr. like this in WI?
- is juicing something we should also try?

OKAY... I am officially of my question/answer soapbox (sorry!) ha! ha! But any information any one of you can provide for me on this would be just awesome!

And I pray for all of you always!

Sincerely (again!),
Mary from WI

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- would you consider the "holistic" approach-yes there are many benefits to this approach. some on this board are all natural and I am sure you will hear from them. I do a combination of juicing, food and vits and minerals. also I limit the drugs in me. I still am testing the kill the beast with wine theory from time to time.

another alternative if nothing else has worked?

- is this considered "another opinion"?
Alternative medicine I have found is not considered as a 2nd opinion in the medical community.

- does insurance cover this type of medicine?

my experience is no. I spent mucho $ in Mexioc doing alternative therapy. I am currently waiting to see what insurance will pay if any. so far it has been 4 months of waiting and harrassing them to get in gear.
- how does someone with hardly any money coming

in approach a medicine like this?
Honey it is hard. I spend over 100.00/month just on natural meds. plus organic food is quite expensive. look for co-ops in your area. sometimes you can share in the cost and pay with part of your tme.
- can anyone refer me to a dr. like this in WI?

- is juicing something we should also try?
YES YES YES. firm believer in Juicing here.
Good Luck.
ps i travel to Beloit often to see family, It sound like your from that area - Madison

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I think $ioo.oo/month is great! My costs were much higher when I was trying the naturopathic approach.

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I've heard good things about Essiac tea.

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I'm a believer in trying whatever you can, within reason and not the hocus pocus stuff.

However, if you are referring the the post about the dying mother letter....my feeling is this: When you have active cancer in stage 4, no amount of juicing or alternative stuff will probably work. The juicing and nutrition method is a good healthy way to get your body and immune system in shape to "help" ward off cancer in the future. Once the cancer is set in your body, then you should bring out the BIG GUNS with medical technology. Several folks here have had the initial surgery to remove cancer and then proceeded to protect their bodies with nutritional power that helps their immune system fight cancer cells from forming. Starting the nutritional path and juicing after the fact with no previous chemotherapy is like closing the barn door after the horses have already escaped.

I am all in favor of juicing (I have a great juicer) and eating organic fruits, veggies, and other food products. I shop at Whole Foods market and try to eat wisely, but it is not a cancer cure. It is a body helper to maintain a healthy body. Hence, it is a personal choice and insurance will probably not support buying your juicer, organics and herbs and potions.

Now, before I get knocked down and barraged with emails and testimonials about the virtues and healing power of nature, I want to reiterate my SUPPORT of juicing, vitamins, healthy eating, less beef, lots of fish and many many veggies and fruits and exercise. I am an advocate of carrot juice shots....but for someone in stage 4 with tumors to the liver, lungs, bones or whatever else - bonifide medical help is necessary. Some folks here have been very lucky to have had surgery only and be completely cancer free, others have taken the holistic approach only to find at stage 4 it is not enough alone.

Best of luck to you.


P.S. I like to think I try my best to do both.

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I wholeheartedly agree, extremely well said Kerry. I'm not opposed to the natural methods at all either, but I believe as you do that if it's advanced cancer, medicinal treatment is generally necessary. That is my own personal opinion of course and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect others right to dissent. Everyone has to do what they feel to be the best for themselves. Unfortunately, I don't believe most insurance companies pay for holistic treatments.

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Hi Mary / Kerry -

Kerry really makes a fine statement here. It's not that natural etc methods are bad. But there is a difference between preventing the development of metastatic disease and actually treating metastatic disease. Once you are Stage IV, I think good nutrition, vitamins, juicing etc, etc all still matters, but that can't be a substitute for more standard treatments. As Kerry says, the big guns are needed (and these big guns are usually chemo)!

Lisa P - please forgive me - I know you have had wonderful success with alternatives, but I also know that you are the first (I think - don't let me put words in your mouth) to say that your 8 cycles of chemo were the "kick start" to your successful outcome.)

I would not rely as Stage IV on "alternative / complementary med" only, even though I would not at all discount the benefits of that.

Best wishes,

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Very well said, Kerry.


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Of course you can try these things, juicing etc. If you do not have the money, maybe you can find a used juicer at the Salvation Army. Some juicers are superior to others, but of course any juicer is better than none. If at all possible you should use fruits and veggies that are organic, and/or grown at home. If nothing else, having your own garden plot can help save money too. I don't think that it is ever too late to take charge of your health. There will always be some benefit.
If at all possible try finding a N.D. (naturopathic physician) who deals with cancer patients in your area. They can help you to get started on a plan for taking supplements that will not interfere with other standard treatments. Explain to them your financial situation. It is usually not too expensive at least for just a couple of visits to get you all pointed in the right direction. You can also find a wealth of information at your local bookstore as well about beating cancer with nutrition.
Best wishes,

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Hi Mary,

There is a great book that has been mentioned many times on this site called "Beating Cancer With Nutrition." I didn't buy the book, but my husband found it at a local library. I read the whole book in a couple of days. The author talks about nutrition, vitamins and supplements that are used to boost the immune system. I would highly recommend this book. Also, I have a list of things that my dad's naturopath told him to do and supplements that she recommended. If you'd like me to e-mail it to you, please let me know.

God bless,


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some very good posts. I read the book how to prevent and treat cancer with natural medicine. very informative book, not only do the recommend natural medicine but they also recommend conventional medicine.
good luck and god bless.

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