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Hi all, As many of you know I have started to be a bit more active lately on the board. What you may not know is that I also post on another board called Gay Men talk about Cancer. I mention this for two reasons. First if you know of anyone that this board may benefit please direct them there. Also I have a PET scan next Monday and have some concerns & frustrations. I have posted this on the other board. You all have been really suportive and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. Hoping for good news on the 21st. film at ll


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    Hi Limey,
    It's, Mary from WI, here writing to say that you will be in my sincerest thoughts and prayers for your upcoming scans! And "thank you" again for your reply to my most recent post!

    You and the rest are such an inspiration to me!

    Mary from WI
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    Good luck to you on your upcoming scan... I know how you feel.. I get sooo nervous every year whenever I have mine.. the worst part is the waiting for the results.. I have to wait for a whole week for my results every year, and I drive my family crazy while I'm worrying.. but I guess cancer changes your life forever, and your always afraid of it coming back.. a good friend of mine always tells me.. not to worry about things you can't control.. and rememeber to always dance as if nobody were watching!

    Gail in PA
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    Good luck. I'm a newbie on this message board but was diagnosed in 9/2004 - stage 4. I have a CT and CT/PET every 2 months. The anxiety we go through. Unless you've been through it, you'll never know. Again, good luck - positive thoughts.

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    Hi Limey -

    I am wishing you the best for next week's PET scan. I know just how stressful this is - my last was on 4/11 and my next will be in July, so right now I am pretty much in the mellow stage, but know I'll kick back into stress gear around the 4th of July.

    Good luck and I will be thinking of you,
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    Good luck and positive thoughts and prayers for great results. My husband's ct is also next wed. Hope it's a great week for all of us. Keep us posted. Hate this waiting game and the anxiety that goes with it.
    God Bless

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    I am keeping you in my prayers for clear scans. I know how difficult it is to wait for test results.

    God bless,