Dancing the happy dance!

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Hi all,

Well just got back from my onc.. and got the results of my PET/CT that I had done last Tues.. once again, God has blessed me.. and I am NED. I was dx in July 2003 with Stage IV that was on the outside of my colon and spread to my ovary. I had surgery, a colonostomy for 18 mos. which I had reversed. And 5FU and oxillaplatin, and leukovorin, and radition. So there is hope for all of the Stage IV out there, just don't ever give up, and keep the Faith... I am living proof of that.

Your friend in PA


  • Limey
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    Just what I needed to hear today Gail. Congrats on the good news. I have my scan on Monday and am starting to get my freak out hat on. It is so encouraging to read about how far this beats can go and still be beaten. celebrate tonight.
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    Great news. Celebrate! God Bless
  • colonstageIIIc
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    I am so happy for you. Yes keeping the faith really works.
  • Betsydoglover
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    Great news - thanks for sharing! Wonderful to hear an almost 4 year Stage IV survivor - keep the good new coming!

    Take care,
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    Wonderful news. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing with us -- it really does lift the spirits.
  • scouty
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    You Go Gail in Pa.......great news and thanks so much for sharing.

    Keep up the great work and keep us posted as you do.

    Lisa P.
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    Woo-Hoo!! You are my hero!!!

    Hugs, Kathi
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    The happy dance is the best!
    You rock on!
    Jo Ann
  • alta29
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    Mine is tomorroow......I have faith !!!
  • pink05
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    That is great news!!! Yes, there definitely is hope. Thank you for sharing your good news with us.

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    Gail, thanks for making our day.

  • marym29
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    My mom is Stage IV and it is SO good for me to read, hear,and listen to all of these posts!

    You are just "one" of my many "inspirations"!

    Thank you SO much!
    Mary from WI
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    Congratulations. Being a Stage IV myself I need to hear news like this. You go girl!
  • Glv49
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    Just wanted to thank all of you for replying to my post.. I am happy to be an inspiration ... maybe that is my purpose in this life, who knows.. whatever it is..I am glas I am still here for it... All of you will be in my prayers.

    Your friend in PA