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Getting a LITTLE mad...and sad....

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Well, tomorrow will have been a week since my onc asked for a CT Scan...STILL no word!!! On Thursday, I called to ask if anything had happened, I was told "Nothing yet...But it was ONLY Monday"....sigh....I patiently explained that 2 hours after leaving the office, I had a raging case of canceritis, and I had it in my mind that I have stage 10 colon cancer. Sigh...still haven't heard a word...

Thanks for letting me vent...today was a little difficult because this was the only day (Mother's day) that my daughter never forgot...my birthday, yes, but never Mother's day. Probably why I'm obsessing about my CT scan...

Hugs to all my family,

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Geesh Kathi, you'd think they would "get it" wouldn't you. Somehow , they just don't seem to. It's always the hurry up, then wait game. I really think most offices are oblivious to what I call the anxiety factor. Hope you hear today. keep us posted. Vent anytime. God Bless and keep the faith.

Hugs, Diane

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I hate that you are going through this. I'm hoping you get a call early this morning with a cat scan scheduled early this week. If you don't, I'd seriously consider calling them back and if they give you the same story, tell them you need to talk to your onc. He will understand.
PS...Sorry about your daughter. THis may be one holiday MY daughter never forgets. Today is her bday and we've always combined the 2 events with visits from her grandmas. The day aleays revolved around her, but Mother's Day was still part of the occasion. It is hard when our kids lives get so busy. I try to remember how thoughtless I was as a 20 something. It helps.
I'm sure your daughter will feel awful when she finally remembers.
I will be thinking of you today!

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Now don't go being too hard on yah daughter Kathi. I agree with Mary. Yah gotta think back just in case you might have forgotten someones special occassion...not that yah did, but we are all human. I hope by now you have heard from her. I used to get cheesed off with my elder son for the very same reason. Yeah...I know..there is no excuse for them forgetting, in our minds anyway. But sometimes they just might have issues we don't know about so sometimes we need to cut 'em some slack gal. Either way a daughters love will always be there...keep remembering that.
As for CT's....I always made it clear to my doctor that the scans always worried the hell outa me. If you say it often enough sometimes it sinks in and they make an effort to get results sooner rather than later. I am fortunate to have a wonderfull clinic staff here that do have some compassionate minds...they even phone me at home as soon as they get results.
Stay focused and hopefully all will be fine...I know it will(kanga tries to visualise clear CT!)
huggs, Ross n Jen

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Hello Kathi and I'm so sorry about your agonising wait for a CT scan. I do hope you get things sorted today.

I've read some of your earlier posts about your daughter - it doesn't seem fair that such a generous, vibrant person should have to cope with so much suffering. I think the death of a child is the one thing I could never get over. Do you have any other children to remember Mother's Day? I do hope so, and that there are other sources of joy in your life.

All the best, Catherine

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O.K. Kathi, ahhhhhhhhh. sorry it is a tough day. I am learning that certain days are always going to be hard. Focusing on what was great and what made you smile reminds you of the Love. That never goes away, It is your to keep. Now as far as that CT scan. I had similar issues with not calling me back, not getting my chemo appoints scheduled. I asked to speak with the director of the clinic and kindly shared with him how difficult it was to be under this kind of pressure and getting treated like a number. I flat out asked him if I should be seeking other care as they seem too busy these days. Things have turned around 100%. Not being able to get a simple scan scheduled must be very frustrating. I hope you can get them to understand your need to respond today. By the way. Happy Mothers Day (a day late)

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Hello Kathi,

Vent away. I can certainly sympathize with the feeling of uncertainty, coupled with that horrible waiting period. God, it's awful.

I'm so sorry about your bad year; especially the loss of your daughter. You've certainly had your fill of hard stuff to deal with.

Hang in there, Kathi

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Oh....seems like I put my foot in it Kathi! I am so sorry for my comments. A friend emailed me with reference to my mistake and told me that you lost your daughter some weeks ago. Truly, I am sorry Kathi...I did not realise that had happened....please accept my aplogies. This makes me feel very bad. Being away from CSN I unfortunately do not get enough time to read all the posts and this mistake was due to misinterpreting your post.
I would never had made the comments I did had I have known of your loss.
Luv Ross and Jen

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