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Well..I'm back from my mini vacation to Puerto Rico !but something happened twice while there...I bleeded after #2...I was kinda constipated...actually it hurted a lot....hemorroids, maybe ???
Scouty, Kathy...glad to hear about your results !!! My pet scan is on Tuesday...pleaseeeeee send some good vibes to texas...
Thanks and God bless

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I bleed quite often during and after chemo. My oncologist didn't seem too concerned about it. The chemo is rough on the colon...

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Sending great, big, cooling (for hemorroids..lol), hugs....WHAT a nasty way to end a vacation...sigh...

I am sending all the good ju-ju's for Texas Tuesday....

Hugs, kathi

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Make sure you let your doctor know about the bleeding and it's probably those pesky hemorroids!

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Sometimes on vacation our eating and drinking can really mess up our digestive system. Check with your onc and start eating more fiber for a while, at least until you get back to your normal routine.
Jo Ann

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I always had bleeding problems when on chemo. That was before I started Juicing. For me, it is the absolute best. When I do this on a regular basis, all changes for the good after two days. All things pass with ease, It is like sitting down and reading a paper and you only get through the first sentence and hwy look at that, your all done. Happened even if I took pain meds. Oh and the bleeding? All gone.
I juice 5 carrots, some spinach, chard, a bit of green pepper and touch of ginger for the fun of it.
Fiber really does help me.

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I agree with Sue..let the doc know. You don't actually confirm that you have hems., your wording with the ??? seems to indicate to me that you are not sure? If that is the case then I'd suggest you get the doc to do an exam. to check you out. Anal fissures after straining can also cause the bleeding, not necessarily related to hems. and boy are those fissures painfull! Get it checked out for your own piece of mind.
Ross n Jen

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