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oxy side effects

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hi everyone, just a question about my folfox treatment.
Ive had three treatments and my forth on Monday . it seems the sensitivity to cold lasts longer with each treatment. the last treatment lasted ten days. the first two treatments lasted about five days. I wonder if it something I'm doing or not doing or is it normal to last that long.
I really hate the side effects especially the way food tastes or doesnt taste. sorry for complaining I know things could be a lot worse, but could use some of your wisdom.

thanks Dale

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Hi Dale,

I also had the FOLFOX treatment. I found that the side effects were worse and lasted longer with each treatment. I hated the sensitivity to cold and yes nothing tasted good. I lived on cheese curls, donuts, spaghetti O's, macr-n-cheese. The sensitivity to cold usually only lasted about 7 days with me for each treatment. Are you on the FOLFOX 4 or FOLFOX 6? FOLFOX 4 is where you go in on the second day for treatment and FOLFOX 6 is where you skip the second day and go in on the third day and get unhooked. Best of luck with your treatments. 9 more to go! I use to count each one and couldn't wait for #12.

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Hi -

If I remember correctly, my cold sensitivity did increase somewhat as treatment progressed.

Totally different chemo, but a good friend went thru breast cancer chemo at the same time I went thru colorectal and she described the food thing as "reverting to the foods of her childhood". In other words Kraft Mac "n Cheese tasted good for the first time in 25 years as did chicken nuggets and French Fries.

In a way I think eating whatever is palatable while on chemo is better than eating nothing. So, while healthy food is great, you should probably eat whatever you can stand for now. Please know that this will pass.

Take care,

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I just finished my 12 treatments of Folfox with Oxy 3 weeks ago. I too had problems with taste and cold. Realize that it will pass when you get off chemo. I put 12 marbles in a jar and took one out each time, when I lost all my marbles I was done. I got this idea from a mentor. I tried different foods, for me Chinese food tasted good and oragne juice. Try and find what you can eat. Good luck and I'll be praying ofr you.

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I used a calendar with post-it notes...one for each day of chemo, one for each day of rads...MAN! Was it great to take that last post-it note off my calendar!!!!

Chemo is cumulative...you will find that at some point, tho, the cold sensativity will stop getting worse...Ask your onc about B6 AFTER chemo to help this...also, look back a bit to prior posts about salves to apply to fingers and toes...

Hugs, Kathi

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Dale I couldn't eat or drink anything during treatment that was cold even on my off week. After 2 weeks when I was done with chemo I had a SuperBig Slurpee!

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I remember going out to eat at this nice place and ordering water no ice instead of wine. I looked great drinking it with black gloves on as i could not touch anything without some reaction. I thought it would never go away. For me Still have neruopathy but the cold sensetivity is all gone. Just visuilize the benefits and know that this too shall pass. B-6 worked for me to ease some of the pain.

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Hi Dale. I'm sorry you are having these side effects. Actually I had to stop after treatment #9 due to side effects, but most people can make it through the 12. Like you, everything tasted foul, even water, and the neuropathy lasted longer each treatment. I was stupid and didn't force myself to drink, so I ended up with my blood pressure crashing. So keep up with your fluids and try to eat something. Get your onc to check your mouth (especially your tongue) to see if you have Thrush. It can really affect the taste of things and it is not uncommon as all the good bacteria and immune systems are affected by the chemo. Meanwhile, hang in there. I pray for you every day.

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