External Beam Radiation?

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Newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. Considering several treatment options. Would appreciate comments from someone who has had external beam radiation (3D-CRT) or Targeted CryoAblation.


  • 2ndBase
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    I had a shot of Lupron followed by the max radiation allowed and have outlived my dx by about a year and a half. Still have the cancer as psa is rising but the radiation was no big problem other than the no it makes you wear out a lot quicker. I had a very high psa and Gleason score and am lucky to have survived. More treatment will be offered soon but without the radiation I do not believe I would have survived this long. It was 40 treatments (3D-CRT). Let me know if you want to talk later. Good Luck
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    Louw, how old are you? Have you not considered Robotics? Talk to more doctors about your condition. A radiologist will suggest seeds or High Beam Radiation. Urologist suggest surgery. There are good reasons for both. The good thing about surgery, if you continue to have issues, you can have radiation. Once you have radiation, you cannot go back to surgery. I had surgery 12/27/06. I am doing great. No incontinence or ED issues. I considered seeds. But later thought "when in doubt, take it out". I think the robotic technics are extremely advanced and should be considered. Keep us posted on your decision.