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for newbies or stage 2'ers

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Sorry I have not been around to answer some questions guys n gals but I thought a little reassuring comments might be worth a mention. My profile briefly;
Dx'd stage 2 aug. 03 with sigmoid cancer, 3/4 blockage, surgery for high anterior resection, 6 months chemo(5FU/ leucovorin). Status now; NED( no evidence disease)
follow up at present; 3 monthly bloods for CEA etc. yearly CT scan.
The purpose of this post is to make you all aware that there is a journey ahead of you and that there is a light at the end of that tunnel...that dreaded initial feeling that can last for a long time. The feeling of fear that overwhelmes us all, even at stage 1 or 2. I want you to know that there are times one feels such despair and hopelessness that overtakes us and can rule our lives. There are times when we cry and feel that everything is thrown at us, medically and emotionally. But there is hope...there is with time a gathering of better thoughts and the frustration can be put under some control. All of us, myself as well, had the thought that our lives may be in serious risk. What a normal response.
I want to let you know, especially our new friends here that I have proof that cancer can be beaten....me! The initial 2 years were never easy but with support of our wonderfull friends here, family, friends and the medical people we are tied to we can lessen the fear instilled in us. Believe that you can win the fight. Hopefully your tumour/s can be contained without further invasion of other organs. You too can SURVIVE as many here have done.
My prognosis was very good...I never believed that initially because I had the perception that once you had cancer....there would only be one outcome. That perception is wrong....many of us survive and the advance of surgical procedures and treatment are helping more to strangle the beast.
In august 03 and for the first 2 years I felt absolutely horrid......NOW...I feel great, and you WILL too!
Best wishes to all, be safe and be well, Ross and Jen

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Hi Ross,

Very nice post. Good to hear from you.


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I'm a newbie to the group but was diagnosed in Sept 2004 with Stage 4 colon cancer. It's a constant battle. Thanks for being so encouraging.

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You were one of my guiding lights during my treatment...and I wish that I could have met you in Austin last year...but, I guess I must send my hugs across the wire...

Hugs, Kathi

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Struth Kathi...that's laying it on a little thick gal. Truth be knoen there were a lot of people here who were "my" guiding light when I first came here in 03. I never did anything special at all Kathi....just repayed my dues by trying to support other newcomers.
Thanks for your kind words tho, very humbling.
huggs, Ross n Jen

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