To all the Moms & Daughters & Sons

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Happy Mothers Day. I know that for many of us, the day will have it's joys and sadly it's sorrows. To those who have experienced the loss of a mother or child, I sincerly hope your wonderful memories will make the day a good one for you.

I still miss my Mom a lot, (especially now ) although it's been almost 10 years . She was only 63 when she left this world after being in and out of hospitals most of her life. We were close. We had our disagreements (like most mothers and daughters do), but the last 2 years of her life were extremely difficult and I learned a lot from her before God finally took her home to be at peace with my brother and sisters. I know she's watching over me and my daughter telling us to stay strong and to remember and appreciate the good times and to pray and not lose hope and to remember to laugh once in a while. So Mom, thanks for all the things you taught me, strength, perserverance, courage, determination , compassion and a love of family, friends and God. Love you. "Tissey".

God bless you all and my Mom would say "Keep the faith".



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    Thank you for the beautiful thoughts, Diane.

    For some reason, Mother's day is hitting me hard, partly because this is the one day, even more than my birthday, that my daughter always remembered. This took me by surprise. I, too, remember some times when I got irritated with her...she would call 4-5 times in 4-5 minutes until I picked up, even when I was in a meeting (she had rules to call after 5pm...). I would give anything to hear her "Mom!" once again.

    Thank goodness I still have MY mother, and my daughter and my sister (she came down for Mother's day from far away).

    Hugs, Kathi