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I'm 10 months out from my ileostomy takedown, and Im happy to say the insanity has passed. I was going up to 30 times a day for 6 months plus with incredible burning pain. Not hard to imagine why the burning! I have dialed in a pretty good diet. Can still have a few hours a day to work things out, but nothing like before. 1 year out from last chemo, and have a CT on Sunday. If anyone wants info on my diet or just support if your having a tough time after reconnect please messege me. One more thing, you know how Eskimos have a 1000 words for snow, I now have a 1000 words for pooping! Thanks.


  • PGLGreg
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    1000 words for poop bests the paltry 26 phrases and words given in poop.html at , though I don't think it counts until you tell us what the 1000 words actually are.

  • KathiM
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    ...and most likely just as many colors to describe it!!! LOL

    Keep up the laughter...(MY secret after 2 years is light on the citrus, heavy on anything else that grows in the ground that is brightly colored!...oh, and HULLESS popcorn!)

    Hugs, Kathi