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I was looking into juicing? I'm really not very good at eating all my fruits and veggies,and I've been looking into a juice machine and maybe a recipe book on all different kinds of juices. I don't how to start so I'll take any and all advice. Lately I've been craving sweets so I would like a healthy way of getting rid of this craving. Thanks Michelle


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    Hi Michelle,

    I got a Champion 2000 over 2 1/2 years ago and it is still great and very easy to clean. It is heavy so make sure if you order it off the internet, get it from a place that has free shipping.

    A few good books are: "Juicing for Life" by Cherie Calbom and Maureen Keane and "Juices and Smoothies" by Suzannah Olivier and Joanna Farrow. Once you find the things you like and the amounts to use (key!!!!), you'll be making your own. It is a really good way to get lots of veggies and fruits in a "single meal".

    Good luck to you.

    Lisa P.
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    MIchelle, I bought an Omega III juicer. it is a screw type (like the one Scouty mentioned). I find this type are far easier to clean and they do not heat up th ejuice nad deteriorate the enzymes. good luck.
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    Hi Michelle,

    Juicing is a wonderful way to get all your fruits and veggies for the day especially for those healing from cancer. It's all about LIVE ENZYMES and when you juice your organic produce the juicer does the first stage of digestion--it separates the juice from the fiber so you get the optimal amount of nutrients in that glass of juice. When our bodies are compromised with cancer (or healing from the surgery or chemo which depresses our immune systems) it needs all its energy to heal. Your body does not have to expend its energy doing this and you have more energy for healing!

    So the big question is Don't we need the fiber? Yes, but we need the LIVE ENZYMES in abundance and we can add the fiber back into the juice (the pulp) or eat it in spaghetti sauce.....

    Personally, I add Flax Seeds to my juice and/or hemp protein powder that is full of fiber also.

    Just think of you juicer as a predigestion tool for optimal nutrition. You can get the nutrition of 5 carrots, one stalk of celery, 1/4 beet, a few kale leaves, a handful of spinach, a handful of parsley and an apple all in one sitting. Eating that same amount would take effort and your body would not be able to extract the same amount of nutrients on its own. It's definitely good for you to eat those veggies, but it can be even better to JUICE them!

    I have a Champion Juicer which is a masticating type juicer. It's a workhorse and I have used the same one for almost 6 years EVERY DAY and it still runs like a Champ!

    The Omega is highly recommended in juicing circles but it extracts differently than the Champ.

    You can go to www.discountjuicers.com and get a whole comparison chart. I bought mine from them.

    I have a few recipes that I use. I am not that creative with my juicing and pretty much stick to the same one for the past 6 years with just a little variation. i find that Juicing keeps me very regular.

    There are lots of posts on here about juicing if you want to search the archives.

    hope this helps.

    peace, emily the Juicing Chick
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    Hello. I have a Breville Vegetable Juicer and a Breville Citrus Juicer. I'm very happy with both machines. The vegetable juicer has a large spout that allows me to put whole apples, carrots, beets (depending on the size), etc. into the machine.