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afterchemo losing weight

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Does anyone have any tips, web sites books that help with eating healthy and losing weight after going thru chemo?

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Try these books: Beating cancer through Nutrition by Patrick Quinlin (sp). I also use the maker's diet, and a book called Rawvolution by Matt Amsden. although I am not vegan, I do like his recepies. I have found a raw choclate candy recepie with no sugar (uses natural aguave nector) that is pretty good and easy to make. this site has many opinions on healty eating so i am sure yyou will get lots of help. good luck and CONGRTAS on completing chemo.

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I was overweight before I was diagnosed and gained a huge amount of weight during and after chemo. Here is where I started and have lost about 60 pounds and counting.

I read and would recommend both Beating cancer through Nutrition by Patrick Quillin and The Maker's Diet. I am not vegan, but I lowered the amount of meat I ate.

When I started making changes, I started juicing. Not only did it improve my energy level, but it made me less hungry for junk (really need to get back in the habit). Also, I would juice before dinner (the meal I always overate at) and I didn't need to eat as much.

I start my mornings with a fruit shake as follows (good blender a plus):

1 Cup water
2 Tbsp Oatmeal
2 Tbsp Flax Seed
1 Handful Almonds

Mix to make milk

1 Apple Sliced
1 Banana
1 Slice Melon
1 Cup frozen berries (I sometimes use mixed fruit or just strawberries)

Try to eliminate all processed foods. This reduces cravings and helps to lose weight.

Next, I purchased an eliptical with programs to keep me entertained. I have put over 250 miles on it and have subscribed to iFit to keep me motivated.

I live in a small town without a gym or healthclub to speak of, so I joined an aerobics class that my friends go to (friends help keep you in check). We do a great variety of things and it keeps me in check.

We also did a weight loss challenge. It was a great motivator and we each put in $5, winner take all.

During the challenge, we had a nurse come talk to us and do a body analysis on us which showed our body fat and the number of calories we needed to sustain our current weight. To lose weight safely, we were told to lower our calorie intake by 500.

I think portion control (we're very misguided about what a portion really is), high intake of fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins, and get moving is the key ingredients to weight loss.

Make sure you raid your cupboards/pantry and get rid of the empty calories. Having them out of the house makes it easy to not eat them. Instead, keep easy snacks like cut up celery, baby carrots, apples, banana, etc.

I also purchased the cook book from The Biggest Loser.

Good luck, I know it is hard. It helps me to not think of the weight I need to lose, but the health I can gain.


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Thanks for the info. I am going to purchase the first book. You are the second person to recommend it nad I am going to get a juicer this weekend before I go back to work. Thanks for all your help. I am walking nad working out at home with weights and aerobic now so this should help.

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Joined: Nov 2006

Thanks I'll get the first book

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Good to hear (in your second post below) that you are already working out at home with weights and aerobics. I am a great believer in walking -- 30-60 min "most days" (is seems to recommended these days -- I interpret that as 5 days). I'm not doing it at the moments as I am on chemo but try to walk a couple of days a week. Good luck to you in this endeveavor. It is great that you are finished with chemo -- and now this! You can do it.

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I gained 20 lbs taking chemo, blaming it on the steriods they give. It takes a while for the steriods to get out of your system....Yuck. I've really been counting calories, juicing and have cut out as much red meat as possible. I've lost 10 lbs. so far. My doctor told me that some patients eat when they are nauseas to settle the stomach. That was ME!!

Good luck. Be patient.


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Another good book is "Eating Well for Optimum Health" by Andrew Weil. He is a health guru who is also a cook and the recipes work.

Good luck!


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