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I had a RP five years ago at the age of 44 since then eveything has been fine.My psa since the surgery has always been <0.01 but my recent psa came back at <0.04.Has any one else experienced this.When i asked my doctor he told me to ask my urologist.I put a email out for him and am waiting for a reply.

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I'm only 6 weeks post-RP, first PSA in two weeks. But, my buddy is 8 yrs out -- he told me around the 5 yr, his PSA went to .3 from 0. Doc (urologist) waited and took it again -- back to 0. I think the probabilities of reoccurrence are more or less based on the post-op pathology; Gleason and pre-op PSA.

Hope this helps


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At this point I would not be concerned. The specific lab instrument used may vary from labratory to labratory. I am a 6 1/2 yr survivor and mine runs 0.06 - 0.08. Sounds good to me. Congratulations.


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Roger: Where is your PSA today? mine as also been between 0.06 and 0.08 for four years. What do you think of these numbers. When did you have surgery?

PSA at time of surgery was 3 and gleason score of 6

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My RP + radiation was 15 years ago - PSA remaned in the 0 to 0.3 range (Lab variation)- Last year PSA climbed to 4.0, started quarterly Luprin shots and PSA is currently 0.6. It's a long term affair, but I feel very positive.

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