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Fanny Pack???

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Okay, today is the first day I have done outpatient chemo. I've been doing the inpatient deal on the weekends and decided I could not stand the feeling of being "locked up". This is my 4th treatment and I could not bear another weekend, especially with the beautiful weather.

Anywho, I now have this "fanny pack" to haul around with me. How in the world do you guys do it. I've got it on my shoulder (a nusiance)I tried to put it around my neck (felt like I was choking). Please fill me in on a workable solution to this thing. I shouldn't talk so badly about it, it is keeping me "out of jail".

Thanks for any input!


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Hello Char, I've now done two cycles with the "fanny pack". At least what I have is a bottle with what looks like a condom in it - is that the same as you? During the day I put it in a money belt thing round my waist. When I'm in my dressing gown (more than usual on chemo days) I put it in the pocket. When I have baths (haven't managed a shower yet) I put it on the floor by the tub. At night I put it under my pillow which I must admit is not conducive to deep sleep - last time I ended up with the tube twisted right round my waist! I hate it and can't wait for the nurse to come and disconnect it but on balance I think I'd rather have it than be in hospital.

Hope you manage to work something out.

Best wishes


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Hi Char, I have had 4 treatments and I have the fanny pack for 46 hrs and let me tell you I count down to the last hr. I put mine around my waist and I was able to work with it. I work in a school so all the kids wondered what I had around my waist. I told them that I was going to play bingo. At night I sleep on the couch so I could rest it on top of the couch. I know it is better then being in the hospital but I really come to hate the fanny pack.


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How in the world do you get by working with this thing? I was given the "drill" (no working, no driving, stay home,etc., by my dr's office). The reason I didn't do this in the first place was because I had to miss too much work. I don't think my onc nurse trusts me!! I've had to let go of my super duper work ethic. I've been trying to make this whole thing go to accommodate my work schedule, I realized, that's nuts! I work for the Fed gov't, I've ask for work at home accomodations and have been put on hold while the "powers that be" try to find a way to deny me, go figure. I could be wrong, I hope that I am.

Thanks for the input I'm still trying to figure this thing out and can't wait to get it removed.

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I used something similar to this:


A water bottle holder. It worked a trick as it buckled around my waist. I even slept with it on. Mind you, I had a PICC, not a port, so I wonder if that makes a difference?


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i splurged on a small designer backpack for my daughter. she was in college at the time and got so many compliments on the backback. only her close friends knew what was in it. even the tubing was barely visible. it was a worthwhile investment! susan

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I had to have a fanny pack of chemo for 5 weeks along with daily radiation. I had the pack on continuous for 6 out of 7 days for 5 weeks. I worked full time and drove myself to every rad. treatment. I am a nurse so I wear scrub pants and wore a big sweatshirt to try and cover the pack. I did have to take 2 days of, one planned and one because I was sooo tired. I put the pack on the bathroom floor to shower and I put it on the pillow to sleep.


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I too had the fanny pack. I wore it around the waist. It was a pain but what are you going to do????

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I guess I slung mine over my shoulder or maybe over diagonally...ya know? It is strange, I dealt with it. Had it for 48 hrs every session. I caught in on chairs and stuffa nd i thought I had pulled it out of my port a ton of times...but it never came out.
hang in there...or try to. Keep asking us questions and complain away...we know it sucks but with luck the chemicals will do good work!!
Allt he best,

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I had a fanny pack 4 days straight for each of my treatment 'cycles'.

The only thing I found annoying was that my first one was loud, I heard the pump each time it pushed...not too good for the old hope..hehehe. I complained, got a different one then on.

I hung it on my bedpost while sleeping, and on the towel rod next to the shower when showering. A few times I almost strangled myself, but managed to work free...hehehehe...

Most of the time, I slung it over my shoulder. I had lost so much weight, everyone knew of my diagnosis, so I didn't have to hide this.

Hugs, Kathi

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