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I would like to know why there is not a chat room where we as caregivers can gather. I would love to have one and often feel out of place in the chat filled with cancer survivors. What do you all think and how can we start this.

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I agree , It would be nice to have a place for "caregivers" to chat, vent, whatever. Maybe when CSN does their changes , they can add more "rooms" and designate one for caregivers. Also I would welcome email on this site if you'd like. Caregivers face a whole different set of circumstances, worries , chalenges etc. than actual survivors and it's so cathartic to talkto someone who is going thru the same feelings. God Bless. Think you should suggest it under the CSN administration site.

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I agree with you. Its hard somtimes to express yourself in a room filled with cancer patiences. Some place for caregivers to chat would be so very helpful...

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