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They messed up the chemo.......

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Hi all, We got some discouraging news yesterday from Carl's onc. (Carl dx stage IV w/mets to liver 10/06) His original FOLFOX chemo plan was to do 5 rounds at a high dose of Ox w/ the 5FU, then chemo radiation, then 5 more rounds at a lower dose of Ox w/ 5FU. Apparently the pharmacist messed up and he had a lower dose for his first 5 treatments so now he will have to have an increased dose for his last 4 and may also have to have an extra treatment. That explains why he never got any neuropathy and handled it pretty well. The onc says that the treatment should still work since it is a cumulative thing. But I thought the first few months were the most important, so I am concerned if the treatment will be as effective since it is backwards. Thoughts?
Heather and Carl

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Hi NWmom- I can't answer the question about the messed up dose, but maybe this will help. I had a toxic reaction to the same chemo. Because of it they lowered my dose to 25 percent of what i was getting after the first chemo. I thought maybe it would not be enough. But I am seven months out of my chemo and there is no cancer. I was stage three with fourteen lymph nodes involved. I have had two CEA's and they have both been very low (good) also all my scans came out normal. I don't know if this relates, but keep up your hope! I feel it will turn out OK!

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It's too bad they added this uncertainty. You might ask your oncologist what he/she would do if that happened to his/her son, brother etc. Overall it probably won't affect the outcome. However, it may be harder doing the higher dose last. Hopefully not.


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