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Planning to have Robotic Surgery

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My buddy Richard Fischer is having Robotic surgery for PC this Monday (may 7th). Would like all of you to wish him a safe and quick recovery. Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. He has been on the CSN since he was diagnosed. He is nervous as we all were before our surgery. He will be reading your responses. Thanks

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Best of luck to you Richard. I'm reading this late...I guess he had the surgery yesterday. I had the same thing about 2 years ago up to Rochester....Strong Memorial. They got the cancer out and I'm doing okay now--PSA level staying down around .05, but have incontence and impotence issues. Hope all goes well with you--let us know!! :o) -Bill Ennis (enniswb@epix.net)

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Thanks for the well wishes. I had my surgery last Monday and I have been amazed since as I've had no pain. The most uncomfortable I've been is from the catheter. I go to the doctor this Friday to remove same and have a check. I'll know better in the coming weeks if there are any other effects but, so far so good. I knew from Frank and others that the robotic proceedure should go well but, the results so far have been beyond expectations.

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