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Hi everyone. I'm new to the message board and look forward to our interactions. I'm a stage IV colon cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in September 2004. I've been through two rounds of chemotheraphy, multiple procedures, and three major surgeries. I look forward to receiving valuable information, opinions, and experiences.


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    I am a stage IIIC colon cancer survivor who just finished my 6 months of chemo and am returning to work a week from this Monday.

    Welcome. I know that I have goten so many questions answered and met alot of colon cancer patients through this site.
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    You've been through so much! I have a great deal of respect for your courage to fight this beast. I am NED (no evidence of disease) from stage iv. Welcome and we look forward to your wisdom.
    Jo Ann
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    Welcome to the semi-colons!

    Stage III rectal here...dx 12/2004....finished treatment 5/2005....stage IIB breast cancer dx 8/2005....finished treatment 6/2006....WHEW!

    Feel free to ask any question you want (EXCEPT my age...lol!!!), even the ones about size, frequency, consistence, and color...rofl!

    Hugs, kathi
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    Hello, and welcome to the message board.

    I've found this site a great resource: to ask questions, share experiences, and gather opinions. Furthermore, being in the company of (virtual or not) people undergoing similar experiences is a relief.

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    Hi dx Stage IV April 2005 gone thru 2 rounds of chemo and currently NED as of April 2007. Taking Avastin alone every 2 weeks for a year to see if that holds off the beast for a while longer then last time.
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    Hi, welcome. This is a great site for support and encouragement. My husband is stage IV, starting 4th treatment wed and were it not for this site, I may not have the hopeful attitude I have. God Bless and post often.

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    Hello Sladich, the fact that you call yourself a survivor is important. Keep the faith and be strong. I encourage you to continue with the process of healing. You can overcome.