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Update from Joanne

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Hello all.Yesterday I really had a super day. First I saw my Onc for a pre-chemo visit..and he said I'm his "star" chemo patient right now..my ca-125 is 17.9. I have had no adverse reactions so far, my blood work is excellent, and he was impressed that I haven't lost any hair!!! That was all good I do however have swelling of my feet and anlkes..he said it's lymphadema..caused by the radical surgery and chemo's.It has compromised my lymphatic system..so I can either were support hose ((very hot) or just goes with it,,,no lasix or water pills he said. So anyway..I'm so excited and grateful to God and all my friends..for the prayers and good thoughts. Love all..(((hugz)))..Joanne

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wonderful news. i am so happy for your. i bet it really feels good to be your dr's star patient.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! What great news. I am so glad that you are doing so well and my prayers are with you for continued good health!

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This is great news for a newcomer! I'm going to work on having your example. So far no adverse reactions to my 2 chemos, just
tire easily. However I did lose my hair but have fun with wigs and hats.

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Wow! That's wonderful news! How many more treatments do you have? With results like this you sure are a STAR!
Luv & hugs!!!

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Thanks Monika..I have 8 more tx. I should finish by mid July..if all continues going well. I did have a rough beginning, so I'm really happy that my WBC's have stayed up. Again thanks for the good thoughts...(((hugz)))..Joanne

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The stars are shining! And yes you are one of the brightest! Congratulations on your great news. Praise the Lord! Prayers N Hugs Bonnie

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Joanne, I`m so happy for u. I hope my Mom gets at good results as you. I was told that Gemzar doesn't make you loose your hair, it only may be thinner. A big Hug 4 u. Liz

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I am feeling your happiness, Joanne, and aren't you doing a good job with this chemo! I am also working hard to keep the cancer growth down, over 3 months on Topotecan and hovering around 25 on the ca test. It is the best I've had so far, except tamoxifen, for side effects. My hair thinned, but that's nothing like the carbo/taxol routine, and I don't get sick. I feel more from the steroids and anti-emitic than the chemo. Let's pray that we keep this level maintained for a good long time. I am delighted for you.

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I, too, am so very happy for you!! Congratulations, Joanne. With hugs and love, MichaelaMarie

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